Institutional Scholarships

Campbell has a long-standing tradition of awarding academic excellence through our Scott-Ellis Scholarship program. Full-time undergraduate students who demonstrate outstanding academic ability are rewarded for their hard work. Merit-based scholarships are automatically determined by the Undergraduate Admissions Office when you apply for admission to Campbell University’s main campus.

Departmental Endowed Scholarships

Campbell University is grateful for the financial assistance made available to students each year through our Endowed Scholarship Program. Through the generosity of the University’s supporters, over $54 million has been contributed to our private scholarship endowment fund to help Campbell students receive a Christian education. Each year, over 1,600 students are awarded endowed scholarships.

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Sponsored Scholarships

Sponsored scholarships are funds provided to selected institutions for students who meet specified criteria.

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Non-Department Specific Endowed Scholarships 

Non-Department Specific Endowed Scholarships are funds generously donated from businesses, churches, and other private organizations for students who meet specified criteria. 

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Outside Scholarships

Outside scholarships are funds given to a student from a church, employer, or other organizations outside of Campbell University intended to help fund their education.

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