Scholarship Acceptance Requirements

Academic merit scholarships may be comprised in part or in total from institutional, endowed, or other sources of gift aid available to the University.


In order to accept your endowed scholarship, you MUST:

  • Complete a Thank You Letter for general undergraduate endowments to avoid forfeiture of their comprised merit scholarship amounts. (See examples.)
    • DO NOT MAIL TO DONOR DIRECTLY. Please drop-off or send your completed letter to:
      • Campbell University
        Office of Financial Aid—Endowments
        PO Box 36
        Buies Creek, NC 27506
  • Submit a Student Acceptance Statement via the Student Acceptance Statement form.

Thank You Letter Tips

Nothing is appreciated more than a kind letter of thanks! Many scholarships available at Campbell University are made possible by contributions from generous donors who, through an investment in your future, have expressed their belief in the importance of a college education. A letter of sincere gratitude to our donors may be the key to future gifts to the campus and, therefore, continued support of exceptional students like you.

  • It’s extremely important to pay careful attention to spelling, grammar, and the organization of your letter. Letters may be handwritten, but we strong suggest typed. Letters should be limited to one page.
  • Include your full name, return address, and email at the top of the letter.
  • Use a formal salutation including the appropriate prefix and suffix. DO NOT use first names (For Example: Dear Dr. and Mrs. Jones).
  • Be sure to reference the specific scholarship that you received, by official name and the academic year you received. (I am a 2019-2020 recipient of the ….)
  • Share a little about yourself, your background, goals, and indicate why the scholarship is important to you.
  • Make sure you hand sign your letter—print and then sign.
  • Always proofread! Try reading it aloud before turning in to your Endowment Office. 


Please contact the Office of Financial Aid.