Interprofessional Education

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Interprofessional Education

We train students to function effectively as members of interprofessional health care teams.

What is Interprofessional Education?

Our core competencies:

  • Respect the unique cultures, values, roles/responsibilities, and expertise of other health professions
  • Manage ethical dilemmas specific to interprofessional patient/population centered care situations
  • Listen actively and encourage ideas and opinions of other team members
  • Communicate consistently the importance of teamwork in patient-centered and community-focused care
  • Engage diverse healthcare professional who complement one’s own professional expertise, as well as associated resources, to develop strategies to meet specific patient care needs
  • Forge interdependent relationships with other professions to improve care and advance learning
  • Engage other health professionals –appropriate to the specific care situation – in shared patient-centered problem-solving
  • Integrate the knowledge and experience of other professionals – appropriate to the specific care situation – to inform care decisions, while respecting patient and community values and priorities/preferences for care

Our IPE Health Programs

"My [IPE clinical rotation] experience highlighted that as a future physician assistant, much of my ability to provide effective, efficient care will depend on my ability to understand the roles of everyone on my team, as well as my ability to effectively collaborate with everyone in these differing roles."

Braxton Kinsey, Physician Assistant


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Interprofessional Noontime Forums Online

IPE INFORM is a new online monthly programming series from the Campbell University Office of Interprofessional Education. The series provides faculty members, practitioners, and other professionals with new opportunities to earn continuing education credit. IPE INFORM is open to all who are interested. IPE INFORM aims to improve attendees’ understanding of interprofessional collaboration while focusing on different relevant topics each month.

View the IPE INFORM schedule

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