Financial Aid FAQs

FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This form is the single most important financial aid gateway. Your FAFSA information is used to award federal grants, state grants, and loan eligibility.

Your parents’ contribution will be lower if they are helping more than one child through college at the same time.

The parent you lived with the longest amount of time during the past 12 months should fill out the application. If you didn’t live with either parent, or lived with each parent for an equal number of days, the application should be filled out by the parent who provided the most financial support for you during the last 12 months. Click here for further assistance.  

Financial aid forms specific for Campbell University are available at our Forms for Financial Aid page. View the forms >

You will need to apply for an FSA ID prior to completing the FAFSA. 

Your FSA ID will be required to electronically sign your FAFSA and any legally binding documents.

To remain eligible for financial aid at Campbell, you must make reasonable academic progress toward your degree. Reasonable academic progress is a federal government requirement, and is measured by a number of factors, including, but not limited to, grade point average and the number of credit hours passed.

For financial aid purposes, an undergraduate student is usually classified as a dependent and is expected to have access to parental financial resources if he/she is not married, does not have legal dependents, including children that he/she supports more than 50%, is not a veteran, is not currently serving on active duty (including National Guard or Reserves activated by Federal Authority) in the U.S. Armed Forces for purposes other than training, was not an orphan, ward of the court, or foster child at the age of 13 or any time thereafter, is not an emancipated minor, in legal guardianship, or unaccompanied youth who is homeless or is self-supporting and at risk of homelessness and is under 24 years of age.

For financial aid purposes, a student is classified as an independent student if at least one of the following applies: he/she is 24 years of age or older, is married, is enrolled in a graduate or professional educational program (beyond a bachelor’s degree), has legal dependents other than a spouse, was an orphan, foster child, or ward/ dependent of the court at any time since the age of 13, is an emancipated minor, in legal guardianship or was determined at any time since July 1, 2010, to be an unaccompanied youth who was homeless or was self-supporting and at risk of being homeless, is a veteran of the US armed forces (“A veteran is a student who has engaged in active service in the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard and was released under a condition other than dishonorable—including a student who attended a U.S. military academy but withdrew in good standing— or a student who is not a veteran now but will be a veteran by June 30) – or is currently serving on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces for purposes other than training and activated by Federal Authority.

A need-based loan on which the interest is paid by the federal government while the borrower is enrolled in school or during grace and deferment periods.

A non need-based loan for which borrowers are responsible for interest from the date the loan is disbursed.

The Department of Education selects about one third of all FAFSA submissions to be verified. Verification is a random process to ensure that the information entered on the FAFSA is correct. If you received an e-mail from Campbell that your FAFSA was selected, you did nothing wrong! Simply provide the requested documents as quick as possible. Campbell University cannot evaluate award eligibility until verification is complete.