Federal Work-Study

The Federal Work-Study program offers students the opportunity to work part-time to help cover college expenses. Federal work-study is awarded to students who demonstrate financial need and meet certain eligibility requirements. Work-study wages are paid directly to the student as they are earned, not to the University’s Business Office.

Steps to Federal Work-Study 

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 
    A completed FAFSA application is required to receive Federal Work-Study. Complete the FAFSA >

  2. Check your award status. 
    A student must have been awarded Federal Work-Study before receiving a work contract. If you have not been awarded Federal Work-Study (check your awards), you may visit the Office of Financial Aid to review your eligibility. Financial aid award details can be viewed via Student Self-Service.

  3. Search for campus job openings. 
    Each department on campus is responsible for the individual positions available in their department. You will need to contact departments directly, either in person or via phone to inquire about job openings.

  4. Submit your completed federal work study contract to the Office of Financial Aid BEFORE beginning a work study position. 
    Federal Work-Study students are allowed to work for multiple departments, but may not exceed the maximum awarded hours allowed. An authorized Federal Work-Study contract is required for each department.

  5. Begin work and collect pay.

Important Documents & Links


Office of Financial Aid, Associate Director  910-893-1310 or searst@campbell.edu