Residential Learning Communities

A Residential Learning Community (RLC) is a group of students living in the same residence hall and share a common theme, such as common majors, career goals, and/or personal interests. Each theme will coincide with their RLC’s Campbell University Freshman Seminar (CUFS) course that all students in the RLC take together during their Fall semester.

This unique housing opportunity creates an environment that studies show will help students to succeed academically and develop strong friendships. Students interact with and learn from an assigned Faculty Fellow in the classroom and the local community. These meaningful relationships empower them to form strong academic networks and long-lasting social bonds.

Each Community has its own group-defined goals and events, but all communities include:

  • One Community Mentor who is an upperclassmen student and is a resource within the RLC’s theme
  • Social events where students can make connections with students in other RLCs
  • Monthly meals and semester one-on-one meetings with their Faculty Fellow

What are the benefits?

  • Develop valuable relationships with faculty, peer instructors, upperclassmen student mentors who are prepared to help guide and support you
  • Increased GPAs from all RLC participants when compared with students not living in RLCs.
  • Explore your major and career goals on a deeper level
  • Built-in study groups and friendships
  • A welcoming and tight-knit community that extends throughout your college career

What is the cost?

  • There is no additional cost to participate.
  • Students pay the same housing rate as other students in their building (their building is linked to rates)

Which community is right for me?

First-Year Communities

Upperclass Student Communities