LEADS Residential Learning Community

The Leadership Experience through Academic Development and Service Residential Learning Community (LEADS RLC) brings together students to share in a fun and engaging exploration of leadership through service and personal development.

Members of this community will live together in Strickland Hall and participate in a course exploring the principles of leadership. Through this experience, they will learn to develop individual and group leadership skills to positively impact their communities.

Join our community

The LEADS RLC is an opportunity for a select group of first-year students to live and study together learning about leadership as a purposeful, collaborative, and values-based in a supportive community creating positive change. Members of this community will work together to identify their own leadership abilities, enhance their brand and presence, and learn to think critically about leadership in action.


  • Live with peers  interested in the topic of leadership in Strickland Hall.
  • Take a specialized course on leadership. For more information about this course view the syllabus.
  • Develop relationships with fellow students, a Community Mentor, and a Faculty Fellow.
  • Work on a spring semester service project together to address a need in the community.
  • Reflect on how their educational experience prepares them for a wise, honorable, and cultivated life in any vocation they chose.


  • Themed dinners
  • Guest speakers or panel discussions on special topics
  • Community service projects
  • Joint study sessions for common courses


The LEADs Community is only open to first-year students.

  • Enroll in LEADs 100
  • Agree to live in Strickland Hall
  • Attend at least 85% of the classes and programs

How to apply

  • When applying for fall housing through the housing portal, please select Leads RLC. By selecting this option, you are not enrolling in LEADS,  you are simply showing interest in the community. A member of the Residence Life and Housing team will contact you regarding this community.
  • Once selected for the community, you will be placed into the LEADS 100 course
  • If you have additional questions,  email rlc@campbell.edu or call the Residence Life and Housing Office at (800) 334-4111 Ext.1546.