Residence Halls & Apartments

Spring 2020 Move Out Plan

All residential students who have not checked out of their assigned space can return to retrieve their belongings and check out of their room Monday, April 27 through Monday, May 11. Residence Life Staff (Resident Directors and Community Assistants) will be available to help students with the checkout process and paperwork. Students will receive an email from their Resident Director about how to schedule a time to return to campus, remove all belongings, and turn in keys. Learn more →

Campbell’s residence halls and on-campus apartment complexes give students a warm, vibrant place to call home during their academic journey.

Living and learning among peers gives students the opportunity to be part of a supportive community and form lifelong friendships. Students have access to complimentary internet, free laundry facilities and convenient parking.

The University’s unique Residential Learning Communities provide students with shared majors, career goals and personal interests a chance to live together on the same residence hall floor.

The residence hall and apartment information below is for the 2020-2021 academic year.

First-Year Students

These residence halls are for first-year students.

Upperclass Students

These residence halls and apartments are for sophomore, junior and senior returning students.

Explore Housing Styles

Campus apartment communities offer a range of 2-4 bedrooms with 1-2 bathrooms depending on the building. Each apartment includes furnished private bedrooms, shared living area and shared kitchen. An apartment is the most private living option available on campus.

Roommates are responsible for cleaning their individual rooms and common areas such as bathroom, living area and kitchen.

A couplet includes two rooms that share a bathroom with one shower and one stall. Couplets are furnished. Housekeeping maintains cleanliness of bathrooms and hallways.

Roommates are responsible for cleaning their own room.

A Residence Hall suite houses 8-10 students of the same gender — two students per room with a common bathroom used by other suite-mates and their guests. Bathrooms include 1 or more showers and 2 or more stalls.

A Bob Barker Hall suite has four rooms and houses up to eight students of the same gender — two students per room.  There are shared full and a half bathrooms used by other suite-mates and their guests. There is also a shared common space with kitchenette.

All suites are furnished.  Housekeeping maintains the cleanliness of bathrooms, hallways and stairwells. Roommates are responsible for cleaning their own room.

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