RISE Residential Learning Community

The Residents Interested in Science for Engineering (RISE) RLC provides a living environment that fosters academic focus and social success for all incoming first year engineering majors.

Members of this community will live together in Strickland Hall while taking one of two Campbell University Freshmen Seminar (CUFS) courses together specialized for engineering students. Each course is taught by a Faculty Fellow from the School of Engineering.

Living in this community will provide opportunities for students majoring in engineering to build a strong foundation during their first year at Campbell. This experience was intentionally created to help students connect with others in the same field of study and succeed academically and socially.

Join our community 

Students with an aptitude and passion for engineering will feel at home in the RISE Community. Designed to cultivate the innovative leaders of the future, this community gives students the tools for a successful college experience.   

The RISE RLC will take place in Strickland Hall and will contain opportunities for students to work together on class projects, study for exams, and connect to build long-lasting friendships.


  • Live with classmates passionate about the engineering field in Strickland Hall. 
  • Develop relationships with fellow students, a Community Mentor and a Faculty Fellow. 
  • Explore career opportunities in engineering professional fields. 


  • Monthly meals and semester one-on-ones with your Faculty Fellow
  • Excursions to museums in Raleigh, NC
  • Social events planned by RLC Community Mentor to network with other students in RLCs
  • Mentorship program between upperclassmen engineering students and RLC participants
  • Career exploration in engineering and related professional fields
  • Built-in study sessions for common courses among students
  • In-house engineering tutors


  • The RISE Community is only open to first-year students
  • Enroll in Engineering 100 CUFS Course
  • Agree to live in Strickland Hall
  • Attend all programs and course classes

How to apply 

  • When applying for housing, you will fill out your Housing Application. This application will prompt you to express interest in an RLC, select the RISE RLC option.
    • By selecting this option, you are NOT enrolling in the RISE RLC, simply showing interest in the community.
    • Jenna Jeslis, Assistant Director of Residence Life, will contact you with an application to fill out where you will be considered for a spot in the RISE RLC.
    • You will find out if you were selected to live in an RLC by the end of May.
    • Once selected for the community, you will be placed into the RISE CUFS course in place of your generic CUFS Course.
    • If you have additional questions about this process or the RLC in general, please email residencelife@campbell.edu  or call the Residence Life and Housing Office at (910) 893-1546