RISE Residential Learning Community

The Residents Interested in Science for Engineering (RISE RLC) provides a living environment that fosters academic and social success for a diverse group of students interested in chemical, mechanical or electrical engineering. 

Members of this community will live together in Sauls Hall while attending programs, and classes with the support of faculty members from the School of Engineering 

Living in this community is a great way for students to connect, build a community and enhance the learning experience with other students, faculty and staff. Through this community, students form a camaraderie to help them navigate the challenges that arise in their academic and personal lives. 

Join our community 

Students with an aptitude and passion for engineering will feel at home in the RISE Community. Designed to cultivate the innovative leaders of the future, this community gives students the tools for a successful college experience.   

While living together on the same floor, students also learn together in a specialized first-year seminar course led by a dedicated faculty member. 


  • Live with classmates passionate about the engineering field in Sauls Hall. 
  • Take a specialized freshman seminar course on engineering. For more information about this course, view the syllabus. 
  • Develop relationships with fellow students, a Community Mentor and a Faculty Fellow. 
  • Explore career opportunities in engineering professional fields. 


  • Themed dinners 
  • Guest speakers and  panel discussions on special topics
  • Excursions and service projects 
  • Career exploration in engineering and related professional fields 
  • Opportunities to engage with upper-class engineering majors 
  • Joint study sessions for common courses 


The RISE Community is only open to first-year students. 

  • Enroll in the Engineering 100 Freshman Seminar Course 
  • Agree to live in Sauls Hall   
  • Attend at least 85% of the classes and events 

How to apply 

  • When applying for housing through the housing portal, please select RISE RLC. By selecting this option, you are not enrolling in the RISE RLC, simply showing interest in the community. A member of the Residence Life and Housing team will contact you regarding this community. 
  • If you have additional questions, email rlc@campbell.edu or call the Residence Life and Housing Office at (800) 334-4111 Ext. 1546.