About Counseling Services

Counseling Services provides brief mental health counseling and related services to help Campbell University students identify barriers, improve coping and achieve personal goals. In order to meet significant student demand and use our resources most effectively, Counseling Services utilizes a short-term individual therapy and group therapy model. 

Scope of Practice

Our services are available to eligible students whose concerns fall within our scope of practice.

Counseling Services’ scope of practice is short-term individual psychotherapy (six sessions for each student per academic year).

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We have enhanced our group therapy offerings as requested by students and in congruence with research that group therapy often is the recommended form of treatment for many concerns. 

There will be no limitations on participation in group therapy. During each fall and spring semester, Counseling Services offers a number of group counseling opportunities for topics related to students’ needs. 

Why participate in group counseling?

Counseling in a small group setting can help you feel less alone. It connects you with other students who are going through similar struggles, creating an environment of social support and encouragement.

Group counseling is an effective means of treatment and, in many cases, is the best form of treatment. In a group, you can:

  • Increase self-awareness by learning more about how others perceive you
  • Feel a sense of acceptance and belonging
  • Discover you are not alone in the difficulties you are experiencing
  • Hear ideas from others that will improve your decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • Benefit from the experience of being helpful to others
  • Learn to express your feelings and ideas to others constructively
  • Gain encouragement by observing others’ successes
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Counseling Services provides substance use assessment and short-term counseling for undergraduate students. In addition to substance use counseling, Counseling Services is able to assist with other addictive behaviors (ex. –  gambling, pornography use, internet and gaming) and provide valuable information on community resources, including self-help groups.

Referrals are made to outside providers if the assessment determines that the counseling needs are most appropriate for long-term and/or a higher level or specialized form of care.

Self-screen Assessment

Make an appointment What to expect in counseling

If you are experiencing a crisis:

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts/actions or have a plan to harm yourself:

  • From campus: Immediately dial x1911 for Campus Safety
  • From elsewhere: Dial 911 or present to the nearest hospital for immediate assistance

If you are experiencing another type of psychological emergency (emotional crisis) after our office hours or on weekends:

  • Contact Campus Safety (x1911) and/or Residence Life Staff.

At Campbell University, Counseling Services is very sensitive to the issue of confidentiality. Counseling Services’ therapists are considered confidential resources, meaning that any Title IX concerns reported to a therapist are kept confidential unless the student provides written consent for the concern to be shared. When information relevant to Title IX is shared with any therapist, the therapist will inform the reporter/student of assistance provided by the Title IX Coordinator and will ask the reporter if he/she would like to report that information to the Title IX Coordinator.  

*When information relevant to Title IX is shared with the Administrative Assistant, she will inform the reporter of assistance provided by the Title IX Coordinator on campus and will ask the student if he/she would like to report that information to the Title IX Coordinator. If the student chooses not to report the information, he/she will be provided a form to sign releasing the University of liability about that information as he/she is choosing not to inform the Title IX Coordinator. If the student chooses not to sign the form releasing the University of liability, then the  Administrative Assistant must notify the Title IX Coordinator that a Title IX report was made by the student. No other information will be provided to the Title IX Coordinator.

*That is, the Administrative Assistant is not considered a confidential resource by the Title IX office. 

Learn more about Title IX File a Title IX Complaint

Make an appointment What to expect in counseling 

Learn how to have a positive college experience by using practical strategies that reduce the risks associated with drinking.  Explore how prescription misuse can lead to a variety of concerns.  Learn about the signs of an overdose and what to do.  Discover state laws and Campbell policies that encourage you to seek help for someone in need without fear!  Learn  why it’s always the right time to consider quitting tobacco and about resources at Campbell and beyond that are here to help!  Understand more about substance use disorders and how to tell if someone is showing warning signs.  We also include tips for parents on how to discuss alcohol use.

Attention: faculty, staff, student clubs/organizations.  If you’re interested in a group presentation on alcohol and other drugs please Request a Workshop

Helpful Information:

10 Tips on How to Reduce the Risks of Drinking

Rethinking Drinking

How to Recognize an Overdose of Alcohol or Other Drugs and What to Do

State Laws & Campbell Policies: How to Help Someone in Need without Fear


Health Risks of Smoking Tobacco

Prescription Drug Misuse & Dangerous Mixers

Other Drugs


Self Assessments:

Screening: Is the way or amount I drink harming my health? Should I cut down on my drinking?

Symptoms of Alcohol Use Disorder with Feedback

Symptoms of Substance Use Disorders for Commonly Used Substances

Eight Points for Parents When Speaking to Students About Alcohol


Treatment and Recovery Supports Information:

SAMHSA Treatment Locator

Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Locator

Is AA for you?

Narcotics Anonymous Meeting Locator

Is NA for me?

Al-Anon (meetings for loved ones) Meeting Locator

Al-Anon Newcomers Self-Quiz

Smart Recovery