Psychology & Culture in Europe

Tentative Travel Dates: May/June, 2020

Application coming soon.

This program will take place in Summer 2020!

This year the program will include the Passion Play in Oberammergau! This incredibly historically and culturally significant play is only performed every 10 years, so it is a very special part of the itinerary.

Starting in Germany, explore the famous sites in Berlin such as the Topography of Terror Museum, the Berlin Wall Memorial, and the Psychology Department at Humboldt University! Travel to Leipzig to visit the Wilhelm Wundt Room at Leipzig University and experience a performance by the St. Thomas Choir. Visit the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Travel by train to Paris, France, to study Sigmund Freud and Jean-Martin Charcot at the Salpêtrière Hospital and Charcot Library. Enjoy lectures at the Museum of History of Medicine at the University of Paris Descartes. Visit more museums and sites of Paris including Versailles and the Monet Gardens. Finally, travel to Geneva Switzerland, to visit the Piaget archives and the Rousseau archives at Université Geneva. Explore Chamonix and Mont Blanc, guided tours of the UN and/or World Health Organization, and more!


  • PSYCH 480: History of Psychology
  • PSYCH 232: Social Psychology

Courses can fulfill Social Science core requirements.

Courses can fulfill Psychology degree requirements.

Faculty directors:

  • Dr. Jutta Street
  • Dr. Gary Taylor

Program fee: $4,500-$4,900

Includes flight, ground transportation, housing, excursions and some meals.

Tuition not included. 3-6 credits will be Summer billing.

You can apply for financial aid!

Request an appointment with the Office of Study Abroad to receive the paperwork you need before you talk with the Financial Aid Office.

Email for an appointment.