Study Abroad Programs

We hope travel will resume safely in the future, so especially for underclassmen, we still recommend that students plan ahead! Campbell University partners with many organizations to offer programs in over 50 countries for every discipline. Several of our partners have also begun offering virtual experiences. These are great, cost-effective options for gaining global competencies.

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We get it. Travel is more daunting than usual right now. Virtual experiences provide many of the career benefits without the uncertainties of travel.

Virtual Experiences

These programs allow you to attend another institution while keeping your enrollment at Campbell. Living in another culture for an extended period of time allows you to learn and understand the culture. What you learn both inside and outside the classroom can’t be replicated!

Talk with your advisor about how an internship fits within your degree requirements. Then come talk with the Office of Study Abroad to begin applying to international internships.

Top 10 Reasons to Intern Abroad:

  1. Make your resume stand out
  2. Develop a global perspective
  3. Receive academic credit
  4. Learn about yourself and discover your personal brand
  5. Discover a new country
  6. Prove you can take initiative
  7. Expand your global network
  8. Gain confidence
  9. Improve your language skills or learn a new language
  10. Grow your soft skills

Service-learning and volunteering allows you to put your classroom knowledge to practical use. You will:

  • See the real-world application of your learning
  • Learn how other cultures work and operate
  • Gain valuable experiences to bring back to the classroom

By studying abroad, you can earn credit for language courses that Campbell doesn’t offer! A language school allows your learning to go beyond the classroom, immersing you in the culture of your language.

Students have earned credit for:

  • Spanish
  • German
  • Japanese

Field studies program students participate in service activities to benefit and learn about their host culture and language. These programs provide the opportunity for personal growth and cultural engagement.

Independent research projects give you the resume-building knowledge of completing your own work while still enjoying the benefits of a faculty mentor and class credit. These projects allow you to tailor your program specifically to your field of study.


Faculty-Led Summer Programs 

Global Engagement and the faculty leaders are still in the planning stages for Summer 2021 in light of the uncertainty around travel, and we will announce more details as the situation becomes more definite. You can still browse all our past faculty-led programs via the link below.

The 2020 slate of faculty-led programs for undergraduates were all cancelled in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, some even-year programs may be offered in May 2021 in a modified format, and some odd-year programs may not be in the upcoming rotation. 

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