Crime, Cold War & Memory in Eastern Europe

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Visit cultural and historical sites of the Cold War in Eastern Europe and the Baltics in the following cities: Berlin, Warsaw, Vilnius, Riga, and St. Petersburg! Examine contemporary criminal and security issues that have emerged in this region since the fall of communism in 1989, and take a look back to gain a deeper understanding of the Cold War era and beyond. This is the first time Latvia and Russia are included on the itinerary!

  • HIST 460 (3 credits)
    • The Cold War in Eastern Europe & Memory
    • An introduction to the Cold War in Eastern Europe from 1945-1989 examining the establishment and impact of communism on
      East European politics, society, and culture as well as its demise in 1989.
  • HESC 482 (3 credits) OR CRIM 470 (3 credits)
    • Crime in Eastern Europe & the Baltics
    • This course will cover the transition from socialism to liberal democracy in Eastern Europe and the Baltic states and the underlying criminal trends associated with this transition. Emergence of trafficking and organized crime groups will be examined and security issues will be evaluated.

Faculty directors:

  • Dr. Jaclyn Stanke
  • Dr. Amanda Sharp Parker

Approximate Cost: $4,800 – $5,200

Includes flight, ground transportation, housing, excursions, and some meals.

Tuition not included. 3-6 credits tuition will be Summer billing.

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