Campbell Battalion

Campbell Battalion consists of the following schools: Campbell, Fayetteville State, Methodist, and UNCP. Each school in Campbell Battalion has a company name. Campbell University’s company name is ‘Camel Company.’

In 1971, Campbell College was one of 12 colleges selected out of 45 which applied, to be granted a senior division ROTC unit. The Department of Military Science at Campbell College was established by General Order No. 4, Headquarters, Third United States Army, dated 28 January 1971. The general military science program conducted at Campbell College is offered as an elective and consists of both a two-year and a four-year program for students. Willing and interested students have been allowed to compress their program to complete requirements for commissioning. Campbell College’s first officer was commissioned in May 1973.

The Military Science Department at Campbell College conducts a modified program consisting of the following courses: MS 101, “The US Defense Establishment”, encompasses the organization of the Army and ROTC, the military as a profession and national security; MS 102, “Introduction to Tactics and Operations”, covers the fundamentals of offensive and defensive tactics with emphasis on leadership in small units and techniques of fire. The sophomore year consists of Government 229, American Government, and History 338, American Military History. The Advance Course instruction includes MS 301, a study of the fundamentals of leadership and leadership psychology and methods of instruction. MS 302 includes a survey of the branches of the Army, a study of small unit tactics and the Army communications systems, with emphasis placed on methods and security. In their final year Cadets study the Army Division in MS 401 with emphasis on the fundamentals of the application of military force. MS 402 instruction consists of a study of military justice, contemporary automatic data processing systems used by the Army, and the areas of responsibility of each staff section.


The Campbell Battalion is forward-looking, battle-focused, team-oriented, continuously improving, and capable of accurately assessing ourselves. We create and maintain a climate where both cadre and cadets feel as though they truly have the opportunity to “be all that they can be”. We respect and appreciate individual differences. We work smart, have fun, and go home and spend quality time with our families and/or friends. Each member of this team always feels empowered to learn, grow, and excel. The end state of living this vision is commissioned officers that will lead our Army with distinction and soldiers that feel proud to refer to you as “My Lieutenant”.