Methodist University History

Methodist University
‘Monarch Company’
Campbell Battalion
ROTC History

The Methodist Army ROTC Department has been in existence since 1976 when Methodist University signed a cross enrolled agreement with Campbell University. The first two lieutenants were commissioned in 1978. Since then, there have been 353 officers commissioned from Methodist University (through 2020). Methodist University Cadets are fully integrated with the Campbell Battalion for administration, leadership positions, field training exercises and accessions. Methodist University Cadets serve on the battalion staff and have even been the Campbell Battalion Cadet commanders.

Cadets at Methodist University are in the Monarch Company and take their classes, physical training and leadership labs at Methodist University. There are two Cadre serving at Methodist University with offices in the Hendricks Science Complex. 2015 was a banner year at Methodist University with the commissioning of 19 officers… since that year the program has continued to produce Army Officers on average of 13 lieutenants per year. Officers at Methodist University have been assigned to all branches of the Army and continue to serve in the Army with distinction.