Diploma Requests

Campbell University’s domestic and international alumni may request a replacement diploma from the Registrar’s Office by following the domestic diploma request and international diploma request instructions below. Your request will not be processed until full payment has been made.

  • If you need to add a Hague Seal or Apostilles to your diploma, see the Hague Seal/Apostilles section below. Additional fees apply.
  • Students who graduated from Campbell University’s campus in the domestic United States, the cost of a replacement diploma is $65 USD and can be ordered with either a U.S.  domestic or international payment method.
  • Students who graduated from the Tunku Abdual Rahman University College/Campbell University dual program and would like a replacement Campbell University diploma, those diplomas are issued at the cost of $80* and can be ordered with either a U.S.  domestic or international payment method.
    *Price increase effective 02.01.22

U.S. Domestic Payment Method

All alumni with a U.S. Domestic payment method may request a replacement diploma by ordering online at the link below. 

Please allow 4‐6 weeks for delivery of your diploma once your order and payment is received.

Order Online (Domestic)

International Payment Method

All alumni with an international payment method may request a replacement diploma by ordering online at the link below. If you graduated at one of Campbell University’s campuses located in the continental U.S. the diploma cost is $65* USD. If you graduated from the Tunku Abdual Rahman University College (TARUC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the cost of the diploma is $80* USD.  If you need the Hague Seal process, the fee will be $200.00* USD plus the cost of the diploma reprint listed previously. Example: A TARUC student needing the diploma and Hague Seal process will need to pay $280.00 USD. The link below is to the Flywire payment website. Please select “Campbell University from the drop-down menu and input the correct payment amount as outlined in this paragraph.
*Price increase effective 02.01.22

Please allow 8-12 weeks if the diploma is being mailed outside the continental United States of America once your order and payment is received. 

Order Online (International)

Hague Seal/Apostilles Information

Any international students or US students studying in foreign countries may be required to have a Hague Seal or apostille applied to the academic documents they present for credit to international universities and/or government agencies. 

This process can take up to a few months to complete, please plan accordingly. To avoid unnecessary delays in having to repeat any part of the process, students must do ALL of the following:

  • Students must submit the Diploma Reorder Request – checking ‘yes’ for the ‘Hague Seal/Apostilles’ question. On these requests please make sure to include the final mailing address, country destination and current phone number for delivery of the packet.
  • Students must pay $200.00* US dollars plus the cost of reprinting the diploma (either the $65USD or $80USD) to Campbell University. The $200USD fee covers charges including  (a) transcript fees, (b) Notary Public fees, (c) fees applied by the State Department for application of the seal and (d) mailing fees and not the cost of the actual diploma being reprinted. If you only pay the $200USD fee, the student must provide their original diploma to the University for the Seal process. 
  • Once the paperwork has been submitted, payment will either need to be made via TouchNet (see US payments link above) or Flywire (See international payments above)
    *Price increase as of 02.01.22

Once payment and paperwork is received the following process is enacted:

  • A diploma and transcript is ordered and certified affidavits are prepared. The normal processing time for reprinting a diploma is 4-6 weeks from the time payment is submitted.
  • Once we receive the diploma, the transcript and diploma are notarized by a Notary Public along with certified affidavits for the Secretary of State’s Department of Document Authentication.
  • Next all of the documentation is sent to the Secretary of State via Federal Express with a return mailer to the student’s requested destination of the final packet to be mailed via World Wide Express.
  • The student is responsible for making sure the documents are delivered to the proper authorities in another country.

Note:  The process is much faster if these details are handled by the student prior to leaving the United States.  In some instances, US students must obtain this documentation before they are granted a student or visitor’s visa to a foreign country.