Campus Transfer Process

If you are a currently enrolled Campbell student and are interested in applying to transfer to a different Campbell University campus, here is a checklist of things to do and consider:

  • First, review the academic programs offered at the campus you would like to attend and the admissions requirements for transfer. Ensure the academic program you wish to pursue is available and that you meet the requirements for admission. If you have questions, there is contact information on these websites that can provide more information.
  • Review the Campus Tuition & Financial Aid policies. Be aware that Main Campus and AOE campuses have different policies and fees. Main Campus merit scholarships will not transfer to the other campuses. Contact Financial Aid directly regarding how transferring campuses would impact your financial aid package.
  • AOE campuses and Main campus are on different calendars and have different deadlines depending on the location. Please be aware of the different dates for coursework start and end dates. Depending on the time of your decision and when you want to transfer and begin enrollment with the other campus, you may still be subject to partial tuition, room/board or fees. See the Undergraduate tuition refund schedule here:  Questions about the tuition schedules should be directed to the Bursar’s Office.  Questions about the Main Campus room/board schedule should be directed to the Office of Residence Life.
  • Additionally, the difference in calendars may mean that final grades and completing the semester on your current campus location may need to occur before registration can happen at the new campus location. Please note that the AOE and main campus staff will work together to help this process along at the correct time determined by your individual transfer timing and needs.

Once you have researched and decided to pursue a campus transfer, please complete the appropriate Change of Campus Request form by clicking one of the buttons below:

AOE student Transferring to Main Campus Main Campus student Transferring to AOE Campus