Critical Illness/Group Accident Insurance/Hospital Indemnity

Group Critical Illness

Campbell University offers a voluntary Critical Illness Policy from AFLAC to all eligible, permanent, full-time employees. This plan pays a lump-sum benefit designed to help offset the initial costs of a major medical event that result beyond traditional health insurance.

Critical Illness Plan Features

  • Lump Sum Benefit of $5,000, $10,000 or $20,000 paid on diagnosis of a covered illness
  • Additional Occurrence and Re-Occurrence Benefits
  • Additional Heart Rider covers surgeries and invasive heart procedures
  • Spouse coverage is available and children are covered at no additional cost
View the Critical Illness Premiums Chart


$100 Wellness Benefit paid annually to employee and spouse for having a Health Screening (fill out the claim form for wellness benefit)

Group Accident

Group Accident Plan Features:

  • 24-Hour Coverage
  • No limit on the number of claims
  • $125 benefit for initial treatment of accident
  • $1000 Hospital Admission – $200 Daily Confinement benefit
  • $100-$10,000 Specific Injuries Benefit
  • Up to $6,750 for fractures or dislocations

Group Accident Monthly Premiums:

Employee – $16.21
Employee and Spouse – $23.18
Employee and Children – $30.90
Family – $37.87

Group Accident Biweekly Premiums:

Employee – $7.48
Employee and Spouse – $10.70
Employee and Children – $14.26
Family – $17.48

$60 Wellness Benefit paid annually for having a routine physical (fill out the claim form for the wellness benefit)

Hospital Indemnity

Hospital Indemnity coverage provides a lump sum benefit directly to the covered individual, to help cover the cost associated with a hospital stay.  This can help cover the cost of medical expenses.

This plan complements your health insurance plan to help you cover out of pocket expenses such as:

  • Co-Insurance
  • Co-pays
  • Deductibles

Plan Features:

  • Guarantee issue at open enrollment.  No health questions are required to issue coverage
  • No pre-existing condition or waiting period.  Any admission after 1/1/2018 will be covered
  • Waiver of premium rider after 90 days of total disability due to a covered sickness or accidental injury for up to 12 months


  • Hospital Admission (per confinement)                                                                                $1,000
  • Hospital confinement (per day/max of 31 days per covered illness)                               $150
  • Hospital intensive care (per day/max of 10 days per covered illness)                             $150
  • Intermediate ICU Step-Down(per day/max of 10 days per covered illness)                  $75
  • $50 wellness benefit payable once per calendar year per insured (Information)
Coverage Rates/month
Employee $20.34
Employee + Spouse $40.74
Employee + Child(ren) $32.44
Family $52.84