Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of our most frequently asked questions related to Transfer Students.

What are the requirements for transfer students?

Primarily, transfer student requirements are identical to those for non-transfers. However, there are a few things that are different. View our requirements page for more information about admissions requirements at Campbell University.

Does Campbell University require transfer students to have a minimum number of credit hours?

No, Campbell University doesn’t require transfer applicants to have a minimum number of transferable credits.

Is there a maximum number of credit hours that will transfer to Campbell University?

That depends on where the credits are coming from. If your credits are from a two-year college, we will only accept a maximum of 64 credit hours.

But if your credits are from a four-year college or university, there is no maximum. You should look at the University’s Academic Catalog for more information about transferring.

How can I know which of my credits will transfer to the University?

Once you have applied, the Admissions Office will send your transcripts to the Registrar’s Office to have a “Transcript Evaluation” performed.

This evaluation will determine which of your credits will transfer, as well as the courses they’ll serve to replace here at Campbell.

Does Campbell University have scholarships for transfer students?

Yes, Campbell awards academic merit scholarships transfer students as well as scholarships for Phi Theta Kappa members. Find out more about our scholarships >

Are transfer students required to live on campus?

Transfer students are not required to live on-campus. Transfer students are eligible to live on-campus up until the age of 24. If you would like a list of contact information for a few of the surrounding rental options, please send an email request to