Enrollment Deposits

Submit Enrollment Deposit

Students making an enrollment deposit for Spring 2021 or Fall 2021, you will submit an enrollment deposit of $250.  Deposits for the spring semester are non-refundable after December 1st.  If you are making your deposit for Fall 2021, your deposit is non-refundable after May 1st.

To use our online payment system, you will need your Campbell University Student ID# found on your acceptance letter.

Note: Your Student ID# must be 7 digits. You may have been given you ID# in a 6 digit format. If so, place a zero at the beginning of the ID#.

Why the Need for an Enrollment Deposit

The enrollment deposit is required to reserve your space at Campbell University. The University requests that all admitted students pay an enrollment deposit.

The enrollment deposit:

  • Guarantees your space in class.
  • Initiate the housing process.
  • Informs the University of your intent to enroll.
  •  For Spring semester it is refundable through December 1st and for Fall semester it is refundable through May 1st per a written request – Email refund requests to admissions@campbell.edu.

The enrollment deposit isn’t a fee over and above tuition. It is credited towards the tuition for your first semester of school. The deposit is the first investment in your future!

If you are commuting or your request for off-campus housing is approved by the Office of Residence Life, the enrollment deposit will be completely allocated to reserving your space in class.

The Importance of the Enrollment Deposit

The enrollment deposit is important because it allowed the University to plan for your attendance and prepare for your arrival (i.e. initiate housing process, email access, etc.).  Any delay in supply the deposit could be problematic, if you have a specific roommate preference.  Housing assignments are first-come first serve and are dependent on the enrollment deposit paired with the fulfillment of a housing application. The housing application will be emailed to you by Residence Life & Housing.  The earlier the Admissions Office receives your deposit, the better.