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North Carolina Community College Course Equivalencies

The following button will provide a list of North Carolina Community College courses that have previously transferred into Campbell University for equivalent credit and course content. If the courses you have completed do not appear on this list, it does not necessarily mean that they will not transfer for credit.

NC Community College Course Equivalency Guide

AP Scores Requirements for Transfer Credit

Advanced Placement Exam Scores/Transfer Credit

CLEP Scores Requirements for Transfer Credit

CLEP Test Equivalency Guide

Campbell University Course Descriptions

 To view all course descriptions for Campbell University courses see our Undergraduate Course Catalog.


North Carolina Comprehensive Articulation Agreement

Campbell University has partnered with the North Carolina Department of Community Colleges in the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA). This agreement addresses the transfer of credits in the core curriculum between institutions in the North Carolina Community College system for students who wish to transfer to Campbell University. North Carolina Community College students who have completed the Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree programs will be considered to have fulfilled the institution-wide, lower division of the Campbell University General College Curriculum. Note: The Campbell University General College Curriculum requirements of Religion 125, Foreign Language and Lifetime Wellness will not be granted credit through the CAA, unless the equivalent courses were completed as part of the student’s community college curriculum. Additionally, students may be required to complete additional subject matter if they did not meet the major specific GCC requirements upon transfer.

Campbell University General College Curriculum (GCC)

All degrees offered at Campbell University require completion of the General College Curriculum. Completion of these courses is not required in order to transfer to Campbell. However, any of the Campbell GCC requirements not completed prior to transfer must be completed in order to earn a degree form Campbell University. The GCC consists of the sub-requirements A – L listed below. Though all majors require the GCC, each major may vary when it comes to specific subject areas. The subject areas that will vary by major are Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Foreign Language. Be sure to view the major guides and the notes herein, to find the requirements for your intended major. Course descriptions for most GCC options are listed at the bottom of this page.

General College Curriculum