High School Student

You are embarking on one of the most important journeys of your life! Welcome to the first step: exploring the numerous opportunities awaiting you at Campbell University. 

As soon as you’re finished with your junior year of high school, you can apply to Campbell. You can apply online for free.

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Admissions Requirements

Before enrolling at Campbell, you must first graduate from high school or complete an adult high school equivalency program, such as a GED. After completing your application, submit all of the required application materials. These materials include official copies of high school transcripts and SAT or ACT score reports (see Test-Flex option for fall 2021 below). Optional materials include personal essays and letters of recommendation. (Note: If you retake the SAT or ACT and score higher, send us your highest scores.) Find out more information about our undergraduate admissions requirements.

Campbell requires incoming students to have taken the following courses as part of their high school curriculum:

Subject Area Number of Credits
English 4
College-Prep Math (must have Algebra II and Geometry) 3
Social Sciences (one must be U.S. History) 2
Natural Sciences (one must be a laboratory science) 2
Foreign Language (recommended but not required) 2

Campbell recommends taking 2 credit hours of a foreign language in high school. Students with no background in a foreign language have a more difficult time passing college-level language courses.

Campbell University accepts either the SAT or ACT college entrance exams. You must take one of these tests to be considered for admission to the University.

Test-Flex Option for Fall 2021

Fall 2021 undergraduate applicants have the option to be initially reviewed for admission and potential merit-based scholarships without submission of SAT or ACT score results.

Prospective students will have the option to select the Test-Flex plan while completing the undergraduate application.  Students offered admission under the Test-Flex will be required to submit SAT or ACT score results for academic advising purposes prior to enrollment in fall 2021.

Students who do not opt for Test-Flex will continue to be reviewed for admission with SAT or ACT score results included.

You can contact our Financial Aid Office to set up an appointment to discuss your specific financial situation. Financial Aid can be reached at financialaid@campbell.edu or 1-910-893-1310.

Home Schooled Students

Campbell welcomes applications from home schooled students. We recognize that your experience as a home schooled student will be somewhat different from students in traditional schools. We’ll look at your academic record and non-academic interests and commitments within the context of your particular home school curriculum and experience. We understand that for many home schooled students there is not as clear a distinction between academic and non-academic activities as there might be for students in a traditional high school.

The more you can document for us and describe what you have done during your high school years, academically and otherwise, the better. Feel free to go beyond the questions on our application forms if they don’t cover everything you think is important for us to know. There may also be questions that simply don’t apply in the case of a home schooled student. You and others completing forms on your behalf may leave those questions blank.

Dual Enrolled or Early College

The admissions application will ask you to distinguish the type of freshman applicant that you are. If you are planning to dual enroll in college classes during your senior year, or you have in the past, please indicate that you are applying as a Dual Enrolled Student. If you will be graduating from an Early College high school, please indicate that you are applying as an Early College student. Campbell University will not grant college transfer credit based on college courses appearing on high school or early college high school transcripts. In order to have your college credits transferred to Campbell, you must submit official transcripts from the college or university through which the courses were offered.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions, learn about our majors, check out our clubs and extracurricular opportunities, and come to special events.

Visit Campus

Come visit Campbell University, explore campus, meet people, and ask questions. The community of Campbell, nestled in Buies Creek, North Carolina, will quickly feel like home. We have several options for visits, including Visitation Days and Private Visits.