Forms and Policies

Please access and review the below forms and templates to assist in the preparation of proposals and management of awards at Campbell University:

Other university policies may affect the sponsored project that you are considering.  Click  here to view the current listing of University policies, organized by departments and administrative units. This page lists some policies that are especially applicable to research and sponsored activities, but the list isn’t exhaustive. 

  • Procurement Department Manual and Resources –  a resource page for staff, faculty, or other individuals who purchase products, supplies, equipment and/or services.  Additional approvals and/or prior approvals will be required for grants and externally funded activities; seek guidance in advance to prevent delays.
  • Allowable Cost Policy for Federal Grant Awards – This policy outlines the procedure for ensuring appropriate processing of grant-related costs and outlining allowable costs for federal grant awards. [Policy Number: RSA_001_V1.0] 
  • Financial Conflicts of Interest in Sponsored Research – This policy provides guidelines to promote objectivity in research. The Policy establishes standards to ensure that the design, conduct, and reporting of research funded by extramural sponsors will not be biased by any conflicting financial interest of an Investigator.  [Policy Number RSA_006_V1.0]
  • Participant Support Costs Monitoring and Payment Policy –  This policy discusses the procedures necessary to ensure compliance with Federal regulations governing the treatment of Participants. [Policy Number: RSA_002_V1.0]
  • Participant Support Costs Policy for Federal Grant Awards -This policy ensures compliance with Federal regulations governing the treatment of Participants.  [Policy Number: RSA_003_V1.0] 
  • Sponsored Procurement Policy  – The purpose of this policy is to comply with OMB 2 CFR 200 Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards regarding procurement of property and services under a Federal award (2 CFR 200.317 – 200.326). [Policy Number: RSA_004_V1.0]
  • Time and Effort Reporting Policy –  All individuals who receive federal sponsored funding to must comply with University policies and sponsoring agency regulations regarding the proposing, charging, and reporting of effort on those awards. This policy helps to ensure compliance with Federal regulations governing time and effort reporting on sponsored awards.  [Policy Number: RSA_005_V1.0]

Please note: We are in the process of updating the office of Sponsored Research & Programs (OSRP) website, including the policy and guidance pages and the accompanying documents.  As part of these improvements, formatting changes and link updates may be applied to documents to improve usability and accessibility. Unless otherwise noted within the policy or guidance Revision History section, these changes do not affect the content of the policy or guidance.  The OSRP is available to support you in your programmatic or research and creative endeavors. Please review the Campbell University Proposal Development & Procedures and contact with any questions.