Travel Reimbursements

The University has a strong history of traveling faculty and staff and the Accounting Department supports this effort by ensuring that costs associated with travel are adequately recorded and reimbursed. View detailed travel procedures and policies →

When travel is required, employees would need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Approval

The requesting individual needs to obtain prior approval for travel from their supervisor. The approval may be in the form of an email correspondence or a Travel Authorization form if travel is request on a sponsored program indicating the nature of the travel, location, and expected costs for transportation, meals, fees, etc.

Download the Travel Authorization Form (.xlsx)

Step 2: Documentation

During the travel, the requesting individual must collect and retain all attachments (i.e., registration form, hotel receipts, travel agency invoice, vehicle rental, gas, food, etc.).  Only documented expenses will be reimbursed.  The employee may be liable for the expense if sufficient documentation is not provided.

Step 3: Travel Expense Voucher

A Travel Expense Voucher must be completed and signed by the requesting individual and supervisor at the conclusion of the travel.  

Download the voucher template (.xlsx)

  • When using a personal vehicle, the requesting individual may not use their assigned Campbell University Credit Card (CU Credit Card) for fuel purchases. The requesting individual must submit mileage for reimbursement at the IRS mileage reimbursement rate. Mileage reimbursement requests of more than 20 miles must include a copy of the trip via Google Maps or MapQuest.
  • When using a rental vehicle, use a Campbell University credit card for fuel purchases OR use a personal credit card and submit for reimbursement.  You may not request mileage reimbursement when using a rental vehicle.
  • When using a Campbell Fleet vehicle, use the WEX Fuel Card located in the glove compartment along with your assigned WEX PIN.  If you do not have an assigned WEX PIN, use a Campbell University credit card or use a personal credit card and submit for reimbursement.

Step 4: Check Requisition Form

This form must be filled out in its entirety and signed by the requester and supervisor.

Download the Check Requisition Form

Step 5: Submission

The Travel Reimbursement package (including Approval, Documentation, Travel Expense Voucher, and Check Requisition Form) must be submitted to the Accounting Department for reimbursement. The check issuing process occurs one time a week, so only in rare instances, checks will be printed on the same day that requests are presented.  Please do not ask for same-day prints.  Submission of the package in a timely and complete manner will ensure prompt reimbursement.