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At Campbell University, Incorporated (“University”), procurement decisions are often made by staff and faculty in the schools and departments.   The University expects these individuals to base purchases on sound business practices, accountability, best value, and compliance with sponsor, donor, and regulatory requirements.  Individuals making purchases or planning to make a purchase must follow established University policies and procedures and must adhere to Federal, State, and local laws, rules, and regulations. Details about Procurement at Campbell University can be found in the Procurement Manual.


The Contract Review Process is an effort to streamline and track the review, funding, negotiation, and execution of the contract. It allows for a thorough examination of a legal agreement before it is signed to ensure that the statements in the document are clear, accurate and adheres to the University’s mission, policies, and procedures according to the terms of the agreement. Contracts must be reviewed following the procedure outlined.

Department heads have designated specific staff to submit requests for contract approval through our contracts management platform, IntelAgree.  Authorized users can access IntelAgree here:

Submit a Contract Request


If you are not an authorized user and need access to IntelAgree to request or view contracts for university business, please contact your department head for authorization.


NOTE: If a contract does not involve the expenditure of funds, please reach out directly to the Office of General Counsel.

Details including contacts and workflow chart on the Contract Review Process are found in the Procurement Manual.

A Purchase Requisition (RQ) is not a purchase order and, thus, cannot be sent to the vendor to procure products and/or services. Purchase Requisitions are internal forms that are used to establish purchase descriptions, price, method of funding, etc. A Purchase Order (PO) is a legally binding contract between a vendor and the University. Do not place an order, promise an order, or otherwise authorize the purchase of goods or services without the purchase order. This may make you personally liable for payment to the vendor.

Detailed, purchase requisitions are submitted by the requesting department with all proper approvals. Any supporting documentation, such as quotes, proposals, order forms, etc., must be sent to the Procurement Department with the Purchase Requisition. Purchase must be made via the requisition process, purchase of a product or service must not occur prior to the issue of a PO unless there is an emergency or if it is an approved Credit Card purchase under the University Credit Card Policy included manual. In the event of an emergency, the item or service must first be approved by the Procurement Department prior to making the purchase.

Details including contacts and workflow chart on the Requisition Process are found in the Procurement Manual.

Campbell University Credit Cards (Credit Card) are intended for special circumstance procurement which calls for greater flexibility on transactions.  These cards are the property of the University and shall not be used for personal reasons.  It is the responsibility of employees assigned Credit Cards to use the card in a responsible manner.  The employee assigned the card will be held accountable for all charges made on the card as well as the recording and reporting required to document its use. The privilege to use a Credit Card is contingent upon following the University Credit Card Policy.

Detail and forms related to Credit Cards may be found in the Procurement Manual.

Campbell wordmarks, logos, and images of official Campbell Camels require authorization and direction prior to use.  These requisitions must obtain authorization from the Assistant Vice President of University Communications and Marketing.



Haven Hottel
Asst. VP for Marketing and Communications
Phone: (910) 893-1421

Campbell Motor Fleet (passenger vehicles/vans/trucks)

Campbell University is currently under contract with Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Car Rentals with pre-negotiated/discounted pricing for Campbell University.  View price rates →

Drivers must be 18 years of age or older in order to operate the vehicle. In order to book a rental vehicle, please follow the following Enterprise/National Car Rental Procedure: 

Enterprise/National Car Rental Procedure:

Campbell Motor Fleet (vans)

Vans are available for rent with Enterprise and National but must be operated by an individual at the age of 18 or older. Additional options are to use a charter service through Academy Bus, LLC or request a van through Campbell Motor Fleet.

Academy Bus, LLC Procedure:

  1. Contact the account manager assigned to Campbell University: Thomas Slaughter, Account Manager,, Phone: 919-688-1230 x3614, Cell: 919-697-1401   
  2. Obtain proposal for services from the vendor
  3. Send quote and completed Purchase Requisition Form to your assigned Procurement Technician (available on page 11 of the Procurement Manual). 
  4. Your Procurement Technician work to provide a Purchase Order to authorize the service.

Campbell Motor Fleet procedure:

  1. Contact Brent E.  Braswell at to reserve a van.

Gift cards, from both Barnes & Noble itself as well as from many other vendors and businesses, may be purchased from Barnes & Noble at Campbell University at The Bazaar located in the Oscar N. Harris Student Union. Gift cards can be purchased for a variety of business purposes including, but not limited to: compensation of research, survey participants, gifts, raffles, etc. Gift cards are not eligible for the standard 15% off departmental discount. Gift cards purchased with a requisition form will be invoiced to Campbell Accounting at the end of every month and from there will follow Campbell policies and procedures for departmental purchases. Staff are responsible for understanding and complying with all associated financial controls and responsibilities. 

To purchase a gift card in store:

  • Form – Obtain and complete an Internal Requisition Form (can be obtained from Procurement). The form must be legible and include the budget code to be charged as well as the name and signature of the Budget Manager (under “Signature of Department Chairman”).  Please ensure that there is sufficient funds.
  • Approvals – The form must be approved and signed by the Director of Procurement. Note: If using Grant Funds, approval and signature from OSRP will also be required before submitting it to Procurement.
  • Purchase – Bring the approved Internal Requisition Form along with your Campbell ID to the Bazaar. Upon arriving at The Bazaar, let the cashier know you want to purchase gift cards and that you will need to speak with the manager on duty. Select your gift card(s) and purchase at the register using the Internal Requisition Form. Please note that all gift cards purchased this way must be rung up by a manager. Gift cards are not eligible for the standard 15% off departmental discount. 
  • Invoice – The Bazaar will submit an invoice at the end of the month directly to the Business Office to be paid. Funds will be drawn down at that time.
  • Record Keeping – Campbell is required by the IRS to track gift card recipients. Please provide the Procurement Department with the name, email, and amount received for every card.  Failure to provide this information will result in the staff/department being barred from gift card purchase.

Any questions about the availability of gift cards can be sent to  Please note that not all gift cards from vendors in specific denominations will be available.  If you are anticipating a large order for a specific vendor, please notify the Bazaar in advance so that the preferred cards are available.

WEX is the authorized vendor that provides and maintains fuel credit cards for University employee’s purchase of gasoline, diesel and other designated motor fuels at stations with extensive accessibility. All fuel purchases for University-owned vehicles must be purchased with this card.

The WEX Fleet Card provides the following benefits:

  • Accepted at 95% of U.S. fuel stations. Find a participating WEX fuel card location.
  • Automatic Accounting (each card is assigned to a University vehicle)
  • Security (a personal 4-digit PIN is assigned to every user; do not provide this PIN to any other person
  •  Spending Controls (daily maximum use may be set to control costs)
  • Repairs/Roadside Assistance (may be charged on the card instead of a Campbell Credit Card)

To Use:

  • You may fuel your vehicle at any of the locations that accept WEX.
  • At the pump, insert your card, type in your personal PIN and begin fueling. Note: newer fueling stations will request the current miles from the vehicle’s odometer. Please note your odometer reading before stepping out of your vehicle.
  • The pump may ask if you require a receipt, you may accept it for your records. The Business Office will have record of your transaction on the WEX Management platform for every transaction. The Business Office will automatically bill your departmental budget code monthly.

Procurement Manual

The Campbell University Procurement Manual is a resource for staff, faculty, or other individuals who purchase products, supplies, equipment and/or services with University funds. This includes purchases made with a Campbell Credit Card, purchase orders, petty cash, check requisition as well as legitimate purchases of goods and services purchased with personal funds and later reimbursed.

Download the Procurement Manual