Personnel Manual

This is the complete Personnel Manual
(Last Updated online December 12, 2014 - please check with HR for any more recent updates)

Personnel Manual Sections

For your convenience, the most frequently viewed sections of our manual are linked below.

  1. University Organizational Charts
  2. Computer Use Policy
  3. No Solicitation Policy
  4. Update of the FMLA Policy
  5. Whistleblower Policy
  6. Political Activity Policy
  7. Revised Tuition Assistance Policy
  8. Non-Fraternization Policy
  9. Intellectual Property Policy (effective January 2011)
  10. ADA Accommodations
  11. Hiring process for Full Time Faculty
  12. Hiring Process for Non-Faculty
  13. Social Media Policy
  14. Supplement to Personnel Manual FMLA
  15. Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Policy
  16. Title IX Violoations Reporting


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