Program Events

Below is a list of 1st Generation Camels (GC) Mentoring Program events that are held for first generation college students.

1st GC Mentoring Program Reception

An opportunity for mentees and their families to meet their mentors for the first time and enjoy some fun and some snacks!

Cookout and Kickball Event

Mentees vs Mentors, who will be victorious? This is a chance for all students and mentors involved in the program to get together and build community.

“First Finals” Stress Relief Event

We recognize that finals can be a very stressful time for a first-year student and even more so for first-gen. Come hang out and learn how to de-stress before finals week begins!

President’s 1st GC Picnic

What better way to end the year on a high note than to have dinner at President Creed’s house? Celebrate the accomplishment of getting through your first year with us!