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Early Alert

If you are a faculty member that has a concern regarding a student’s academic success, please complete and submit the Early Intervention form. After your form has been submitted the Academic Support Services team will work quickly to address the concern. Academic concerns may include but are not limited to the following: class attendance, tardiness, class participation, and low test grades. Please complete the form out in its entirety and be as detailed as possible.

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Don’t Cancel That Class

Do you need a Guest Lecturer for your class or program?

If you’re a Campbell University faculty, staff member, or student leader, Don’t Cancel That Class is a service provided to you by the departments within Student Success and Counseling Services.  If you need to be out of town or an unexpected situation demands your attention, let us know, and one of our professional or paraprofessional staff members will come into your class on the day of your absence and provide an hour-long, educational workshop to your students. 

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Academic Coaching in the Classroom

Academic coaching focuses on skills that are essential to student success. By providing first-year students with a foundation of strong study habits and skills, academic coaches equip them for success throughout their college career. In an effort to reach a greater number of students, the FYE office offers academic coaching in 100-level courses and courses that enroll a high number of first-year students.

Instructors who are interested in having an academic coach in the Classroom presentation in their course should complete this request form. You will receive a confirmation of your presentation date within two business days of your request.

Contact Judy Tunstall at tunstallj@campbell.edu or 910-814-5578 to set up a time to discuss the opportunity.

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Faculty Guides to Accommodating Students with Disabilities

Disability Services is here to support our faculty and staff as we work to create an accessible campus community. We provide resources to answer most questions, and our staff are always available for further answers and collaboration.

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Interested in Teaching?

Campbell University Freshman Seminar is taught by faculty and staff at Campbell University who are committed to helping students achieve their greatest potential.

Instructors should:

  • Have a master’s degree or higher
  • Participate in the annual instructor preparation workshop held in May
  • Be actively involved in faculty development opportunities provided by the Office of the First- Year Experience
  • Have the approval of the instructor’s department dean or supervisor
  • Have the approval of the Director of the First-Year Experience

Faculty and staff interested in teaching the CUFS 100 course should contact Judy Tunstall at tunstallj@campbell.edu or 910-814-5578 to set up a time to discuss the opportunity.

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