Early Alert

About Early Alert Intervention

Student support is a priority for our entire university. If you are a faculty member that has a concern regarding a student’s academic success, please complete and submit the Early Intervention form. After your form has been submitted the Academic Support Services team will work quickly to address the concern. Academic concerns may include but are not limited to the following: class attendance, tardiness, class participation, and low test grades. Please complete the form out in its entirety and be as detailed as possible.

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Starfish Early Alert

Starfish Early Alert is an intervention and tracking system that uses a holistic approach to student success. Starfish provides students, faculty and staff to schedule appointments, provide academic and non-academic warnings, as well as commend students for their accomplishments.

Our Campbell community will have an opportunity to begin utilizing this technology based system during the fall 2018 academic semester. In preparation for full integration of the Starfish platform the following training opportunities will be offered:

Starfish FAQs

Why Starfish Early Alert?

Starfish Early Alert provides students an opportunity to solicit help when needed. Students can schedule online appointments with their faculty advisor, instructors, Academic Success tutors, Financial Aid, and other campus resources available through Starfish. Students can receive referrals for academic support, as well as notifications about academic concerns and accomplishments from their instructors, advisors, and staff members through emails in Starfish. Students can also communicate with members of faculty and staff who are in their Student Success Network.

How do I access Starfish Early Alert?

Anyone can access Starfish Early Alert through Blackboard.

Who has permission to view flags raised in Starfish?

Privacy is important to us. Therefore, only the student, the flag raiser, and members of the student’s success network that have been granted viewing permissions are able to view flags raised on a student. Note, Starfish Early Alert is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Protection Act (FERPA).

What is a Student Success Network?

The Student Success Network consists of members of the Campbell University community that participate in your academic success. Individuals must have a current relationship with the student during a semester (e.g. instructor, faculty advisor, or administrator) to be a part of the student’s success network. Therefore, the Student Success Network may change each semester. Members of the Student Success Network are not able to view flags that have been raised.