Service & Emotional Support Animals

Service and Emotional Support Animals can be an important part of providing access for students with disabilities. A Service Animal is defined by the ADA as a dog that is trained to complete a necessary task for a person who has a disability. Service Animals are allowed to go anywhere on campus that their handler is allowed to go and students who do not live on campus do not have to register to use a Service Animal on campus.

An Emotional Support Animal is an animal that provides necessary support for a person who has a diagnosed mental health disability. Emotional Support Animals are covered under the Fair Housing Act and, once approved, are permitted to be in University housing only, not in other campus facilities.

Students living in University housing who need a Service or Emotional Support Animal should notify Disability Services at least 60 days prior to the start of the term.

Students must use the following process to request approval for a Service or Emotional Support Animal to live with them:

  1. Notify us of your need for accommodation by completing our New Student Registration Forms and Housing Accommodation Form.  
  2. Verify the need for the animal. Email our staff at the address below for further information about this step.
  3. Meet with our staff to discuss your request. Request an Appointment
  4. If approved, Residence Life is notified of preliminary approvals and completes the placement process.
  5. The student meets with Disability Services and Residence Life to review applicable guidelines and finalize the approval.
  6. The animal is brought to campus. Bringing an animal to campus before this process has been completed is a violation of the Student Handbook and students will be fined.