Academic Accommodations

New Students

Academic Accommodations are similar to an IEP or 504 plan you may have had in high school, and often include testing accommodations and classroom support. Interpreting and captioning also fall into this category.

Please remember that accommodations are not provided until approved and are not retroactive in nature. Please contact our office well ahead of when the accommodations will be needed. For example, if you are starting classes in August, plan to begin the request process in March or April. There is no deadline to request academic accommodations, and we will be happy to work with you at any time, but we do encourage students to plan ahead to avoid delays. 

How to request academic accommodations

  1. Notify us of your need for accommodation by completing our Intake Forms. There is a link for Undergraduate (4-year degree) students and one for Graduate/Professional students.  
  2. Schedule a meeting with our staff: Request an Appointment
  3. Submit documentation from a qualified provider by email or regular mail. More specifics about documentation can be found in the Student Guide. Submit your documentation by email, fax or mail to the information below. 
  4. Meet with our staff to discuss your experiences and, if approved, develop an accommodation plan.
  5. Undergraduate students with approved accommodations complete a Letter of Accommodation Request for each semester. Graduate and professional students have a slightly different process, which staff will explain.
  6. Students distribute Letters of Accommodation to notify instructors or staff of the accommodations approved.