Housing Accommodations

New Students

Campbell University requires all main campus undergraduate students to live on campus for the first three years, unless they are over age 21 or commuting from the home of a parent. This is because we know that living in a campus community is a vital part of the college experience, and that students who live on campus are more engaged and more likely to graduate. Students with disabilities are an important part of that community, and housing accommodations provide access to this experience.

A standard housing assignment is a room shared by two students, with bathrooms that are shared by between 4 and 8 students. Students do study in their rooms, but they are encouraged to use the library if quiet study is needed. The second floor study area of Wiggins Library is open 24 hours during the academic year. These housing assignments also require participation in a University meal plan. Nutrition information and ingredient labels are provided for all foods served in the dining halls and gluten free bread items are available at many locations on campus. Aramark has designated an on-campus contact for students who have specific dietary needs.

If you believe you may need an accommodation to fully participate in campus housing, please contact Disability Services for more information. Requests for housing accommodations must be received by April 15 for new students and February 15 for returning students. After that date, we will work to meet your needs, but our options are far more limited. 

Housing accommodations must be renewed each year. 

How to request housing accommodation

  1. Notify us of your need for accommodation by completing our New Student Registration Forms and Housing Accommodation Form.  
  2. Submit at letter from a qualified provider (doctor, counselor, etc) by email, fax or regular mail to the information below. The letter must include your diagnosis and describe how it impacts your housing needs. This letter is not released beyond the Disability Services office without your knowledge.
  3. Meet with our staff to discuss your experiences and to consider possible accommodations. This can be done by video chat or in person. Request an Appointment
  4. If accommodations are approved, they will be shared with Residence Life staff for assignment.

Food Allergies and Other Dietary Needs

Serving as Campbell University’s food service provider, Aramark is experienced in meeting the needs of students who have food allergies or health conditions that require dietary adjustments. Our chef serves as the contact for dietary needs requests and can be found at Gaylord’s Kitchen in the Student Union and is available to meet with students Monday-Friday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and can also be reached by phone at 910-893-1429. Students who wish to request adjustments to the meal plans must meet with Aramark prior to meeting with Disability Services staff. We are committed to making our meal plans and dining halls accessible for all students and will be happy to meet with students or parents to discuss specific needs.