Purchase Graduation Regalia

Campbell University graduates are required to wear approved cap, gown and hood (if applicable) at the graduation exercise. The Official University gown includes two custom embroidered tabs with the University seal. In addition, a jumbo black and orange tassel with a medallion of the University’s seal. 

Order Your Cap and Gown

The cap, gown, and hood are yours to keep and differs from gowns from previous years.

Order regalia online and ship to your location

Regalia Costs

The cost of your full academic regalia is as follows:

Associate/Bachelor Degree Package – cap/gown/tassel $81.98
Masters Degree Package – cap/gown/tassel/hood $128.98
Master of Divinity Package – cap/gown/tassel/hood $203.98
Doctoral Package (PharmD, DPT, MD) – gown/hood/tam $233.98
Doctor of Ministry Package – gown/hood/tam $319.98
Extra Tassel (with graduation year) $10.98
Extra Tassel (with Medallion) $12.98


For more information, please contact the Main Campus Bookstore at (910) 893-1455.