Fitness Class Instructors

Meet Our Group X Fitness Class Instructors


Hi everyone! I graduated from Campbell University in 2017 with a B.A. in Communication Studies with a focus in Public Relations and Health Communication and decided to come back to pursue a Master degree in Public Health. You may have seen me around Campus Recreation as I work as the Graduate Assistant of Fitness, which led me to get certified in BodyPump! When you come to my class, you can expect to sweat it all out. My passion for fitness comes from being a cheerleader and swimmer my entire life. When I am not studying or at work, you can find me playing with my rabbit, Grey, or my puppy, Ryker, or cooking a new recipe. I love all things that involve nature too! I hope to see you all.  

Favorite Quote: “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live” -Albus Dumbledore

Classes: BodyPump 


Hey! My name is Ashley Souffrant and I am currently a senior Mathematics major and working on my MBA at Campbell. I am teaching AquaFitness/Swim Fitness and I cannot be more excited! I saw competitively for 12 years growing up and love being in the water. I spend most of my free time in the music department where I Am a part of the choir and opera theater. At home I have two yellow-belly slider turtles who keep me company and also share my love for swimming. I look forward to meeting you at the pool!

Favorite Quote: “It’s not who you think you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you are not.”

Classes: Swim Fitness


What’s up! I am an incoming junior planning to get my degree in Kinesiology with the goal of attending the Physical Therapy doctoral program afterwards. I am originally from Maryland where I received my first job as a Martial arts and cardio kickboxing instructor for the next eight years.  Afterwards, I enlisted in the Air Force and continued to lead group exercise programs for my units. I am currently a NASM certified personal trainer and enjoy all aspects of fitness.  I love helping others find their passion for health and wellness. Never stop improving!

Classes:  Core & Stretch

Brittany B.

Hi everyone, my name is Brittany! I graduated from Wake Forest University in 2014 with a degree in Health and Exercise Science. Currently, I am in Campbell’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program. I am a firm believer that fitness is a journey and not a race that you can complete in a day. I think any kind of fitness and movement in general is good for the body, so I often find myself motivating those around me to just keep moving. I love to dance, laugh and see others enjoying themselves. Les Mills has designed Body Pump to be a total body workout using light to moderate weights with a lot of repetition. What you can expect from me as an instructor is a high energy class and some extra motivation to get you through the intense moments in the program as well as encouraging you to keep along the fitness journey to a better you! Look forward to meeting you and “pumping” up the heat this summer!

Favorite Quote: It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up – Vince Lombardi

Classes: BodyPump

Brittany C.

Hello my name is Brittany Coggins! I graduated from Howard University (HU…YOU KNOW!) in 2015 with a BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. This upcoming semester I will be a first year graduate student in the MSPH/PA program at Campbell. I love exercising and maintaining a healthy life style; helping others do the same in their own way is one of my goals as an instructor. I believe Zumba is a great way to get healthy while shaking what your momma gave you. In my spare time I also enjoy cooking, gardening, reading, sleeping and going on nature walks. I am very excited to be teaching this class and I hope you will enjoy taking it. With the variety of music selections, you will get a great cardio workout that will keep you hopefully coming back for more. In my class you will expect to sweat (since you are working out) while having fun like you are at a night club with friends.

Favorite Quote: “I will not have my life narrowed down. I will not bow down to somebody else’s whim or to someone else’s ignorance. ” – bell hooks

Classes: Zumba

Chelsy B.

Hi, everyone! I am a sophomore here at Campbell, majoring in Marketing and minoring in Studio Art. I’ve cheered and danced competitively for 14 years and I am currently a dancer on the CU Dance Team. I have also been to the NC School of the Arts, studying dance for three summer sessions! My love for fitness and practicing control of movement is the reason I have decided to get my certification in Piyo and I can’t wait to start teaching this Spring! A little bit more about me: I love all things sour, jamming out to music with my gals, and watching super corny rom-coms whenever I can! I hope you will join me this semester for some Piyo, I promise you will love it!

Favorite Quote: “God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.” Voltaire

Classes: PiYo

Chelsy C.

Hi there! I am a recent graduate from Campbell and have been the Power Pilates instructor going on 3 years now. I studied Marketing at Lundy-Fetterman and am currently a Marketing Specialist and Manage Social Media at a commercial brokerage firm in Raleigh. I have a huge heart for creativity, wellness, and community, which led me to my passion for coming alongside others to reach their fitness goals through my class. As a travel cheerleader and dancer of 17 years and long-term Power Pilates participant, upbeat body-weight training/toning and yoga mixed with fun music, of course, is my favorite way to exercise and stay fit. Come to my class and get ready to have a Pilates Party! Oh, and prepared to sweat! I am excited to meet you already!

Classes: Power Pilates


Hi! My name is Cora-Ann and I am originally from NJ, where I graduated with my B.S. in Exercise Science, minor in Psychology at Montclair State University and where I found a love and a passion for Group Fitness and Personal Training. I decided to pursue a career in Fitness by attending Indiana State University as a Graduate Assistant in Campus Recreation, helping to run their Fitness department and programs while obtaining my M.S. in Exercise Science. I am now working here at Campbell University as the Assistant Director for Fitness & Wellness. I am certified through ACE (American Council on Exercise) as a Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist and I have my Yogafit Level One, RealRyder cycling, Les Mills BodyPump, POUND fitness, and TRX Foundation certifications as well as experience teaching a variety of strength and cardio classes. I am working on my ACE Weight Management certification and plan to complete my Yoga certification through a 200 hour RYT program this upcoming year. I also train in Olympic lifting, Crossfit, and have done 3 Spartan Sprints and would love to reach a Trifecta one year! I am super excited to be teaching on our Group X schedule as well as work alongside the rest of this awesome Group Fitness staff here at Campbell. In my free time I love playing guitar, singing, music, reading, cuddling with my two sweet cats (Kylo and Nika!)…and having adventures!

Favorite Quote: “Fall in love with taking care of yourself; mind, body and soul” 

Classes: BodyPump, Yoga, Mindful Meditation


Hello everyone! My name is Courtney Gagliano, and I am from Hattiesburg, MS. I ventured to Buies Creek, North Carolina to pursue my goal of becoming a Physical Therapist. I completed my undergraduate studies at Mississippi State University with a degree in Kinesiology and concentration in Clinical Exercise Physiology.  It was there that I began instructing cycling classes, and I LOVE IT! Cycling is a fantastic cardiovascular workout, while also being a low impact exercise that’s easier on your joints! I also love exercise of all types, and I’m always up for trying a new class. Apart from exercise, I love the arts so anything film, music, or fashion related I’m down! I also love adventuring and traveling to new cities. I love loud music and SWEAT!  I aim to make my class challenging but fun at the same time. In my class, you can always make song requests, and I’ll add them to my playlist. Come out for a good, sweaty time! Certification: American Aerobic Association International (AAAI) and International Sports Medicine Association Cycling Instructor (ISMA).

Favorite Quote: “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” – Pablo Picasso 

Classes: Cycling


Hello everyone! I am originally from Columbus, Ohio. I completed my undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology at West Virginia University. I also rowed on the Women’s Rowing team at WVU, which brought about my interest in weight lifting. I am currently in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Campbell. A few of my passions are hiking, snowboarding, and baking. I believe that fitness should be fun! You can work hard and enjoy exercising at the same time all while improving your health and wellness. In my class, you can expect to burn lots of calories as we target each of the major muscle groups throughout the class. I will be cheering you on and working hard with you all throughout the entire class. I cannot wait to sweat it out in BodyPump with you all this summer!

Favorite Quote: It never hurts to keep looking for sunshine ~ Eeyore

Classes: BodyPump


Jacqueline has been teaching yoga for over three years and practicing for five. She is an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor and YogaFit Certified and has been a part of the university recreation community at Washington State University, where she first taught yoga. Her true passion is teaching where she gets to expose different populations the accessibility of her favorite subjects. Beyond yoga, and she also a Professor in the Engineering department at Campbell. 

Classes: Yoga


Hi My name is Kaylah! My major is Pharmaceutical Sciences. I am apart of the US Army Reserves with hopes to become an Active Duty officer. I love fitness and everything it stands for. I love the feeling people get after a good workout and that proud feeling you get for pushing yourself. Bodypump is a great class that will push you mentally and physically. In the classes I teach I want the participants to have goals for each class. It can be to make it through the whole class, lose a certain amount of weight, get tone, or just be more confident. I hope my participants leave my class feeling stronger and more confident in themselves. I want you to walk out the door as if you can conquer the world because you can. It will be a journey for my participants and me as well. Getting fitter is better when you have friends and others supporting you all the way. 

Favorite Quote: “I already know what giving up feels like. I want to know what happens if I don’t”

Classes: BodyPump


Hi everyone, I’m Liz! I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2015 with a degree in Exercise and Sport Science. Currently, I am in Campbell’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program. I have always had a passion for health and wellness (my dad is a doctor and my mom is a nurse), and I’m eager to share my love for exercise and staying active with others! I would describe myself as a performer, as I participated in a local theatre group for 10 years and was a member of a performance jump rope team in high school. I am also an avid runner and have recently started running half marathons. If you attend my kickboxing and/or HIIT classes, expect an intense, high energy environment that allows you to enjoy yourself no matter your exercise experience. I look forward to “kicking it” with y’all!

Favorite Quote: “Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.”

Classes: Kickboxing


Hi guys! My name is Logan and I will be an instructor in the Sunrise Yoga class. I am a junior at Campbell majoring in Biology/Pre-Physician Assistant. I was a gymnast and a runner for years, and I fell in love with yoga about a year ago when I began coming to the sunrise yoga class at CU. After a few months, I knew I wanted to start sharing the art of yoga with others because of the profound effect it had had on my life. I think the best way to wake up in the morning is with a balanced body and mind, and there’s no better way to achieve this than with an hour of energizing yoga! So whether you’re a beginner or an expert, I would love it if you’d come join me for morning practice.

Favorite Quote: “Do not go gentle into that good night; Rage, rage against the dying of the light” -Dylan Thomas

Classes: Sunrise Yoga


I am a Hatha Yoga Instructor and received my certification from the North Carolina School of Yoga in Raleigh in 2007. I started practicing yoga for stress relief but found it to be a tremendous blessing physically, mentally, and spiritually. I enjoy sharing the health and spiritual benefits of yoga with my students and helping them on a journey to wellness and peace of mind. I graduated from Campbell University with a BA in Mass Communication and a minor in Computer Information Systems. I work full-time in marketing. I also lead the hand bell choir and sing in the choir at my church. I enjoy music, reading, and spending time with my family, friends, and dog.

Favorite Quote: Be receptive to the grace of God. ~ Sri Dharma Mittra

Classes: Yoga


Hello, my name is Nelly Zavala and I am currently enrolled in Campbell University studying for Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics. I graduated from Johnston County Early College Academy in which I graduated with my high school diploma, Associate’s in Arts, and Spanish Interpreter Certificate. I will finish my math degree next year, and my engineering degree in 2020. I love to go to the mountains and hike, I also love my three adorable huskies. I teach Pound Rockout Workout, it is a very unique workout that uses drumsticks, or ripstix, and they are used to drum to the sound of the music. Pound infuses cardio, strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements. What makes my class unique is that I encourage each and everyone to push themselves, sometimes at the end of my Pound class I will have the classroom split in half and face each other and have a “battle” to see which side is louder, and who brings the most energy. I also teach STRONG by Zumba, in which I just got certified. This class is an amazing workout, especially if you want to burn all those holiday calories! I move around my classes a lot to encourage everyone. Instead of leaving your stress behind, anger, or whatever it is you are going through I want you to bring it to class and use it in your workout and take it ALL out! Oh, and hooting and hollering is a MUST in my class. #letsbeSTRONG #Poundposse

Favorite quote: “Give a man a fish, and you have fed him once. Teach him how to fish and you have fed him for a lifetime.”

Classes: Pound, Strong

Nicole H.

I am currently a physical therapy student here at Campbell, and I plan to graduate December of 2019. I graduated from Campbell with a Kinesiology degree and minors in both Biology and Spanish. I am certified in BodyPump, and I will also be working the gym desks around campus. I grew up playing soccer and running cross country. I have always been physically active- and I encourage you to find your motivation to stay active as well! You will find that my classes will push you to be the best version of yourself while having fun. Outside of school and campus rec, I am a traveler, a foodie, and a mother to many plants. Can’t wait to work out with you all and see you around campus!

Favorite Quote: “Look deeper through the telescope and don’t be afraid when the stars collide towards the darkness, because sometimes the most beautiful things begin in chaos.” – R.M. Drake

Classes: BodyPump

Nicole Winget

Hello! My name is Nicole and I came to Campbell about two years ago and I consider it to be home. I am an Instructor of Homeland Security and Criminal Justice, as well as an Academic Counselor for the Online department. Additionally, I am an Officer in the United States Navy. I fell into endurance fitness to deal with stress and a military deployment made me realize I need to balance the pressures I put on my mind and body – thus I found Yoga! I enjoy events like long distance Rucking, Obstacle Course Races, and Ultra Endurance Events and yoga helps me recover physically as well as keep my mind sharp and relaxed. I am YTT200 certified and I love to share the joy and well-being of a yoga practice with as many people as I can and I hope to see you in a class soon.

Favorite Quote: “Range is of the ego, form is of the soul.” -Alan Finger

Classes: Yoga

Nicole Wrenn

Hey guys, I’m Nicole! I am a junior here at Campbell University, majoring in Kinesiology, Pre-PT. This is my first year teaching Core and Cardio class and looking forward teaching more. I enjoy EVERY MINUTE of it! I love to motivate people with the best attitudes! My goal in the future is to become a Physical Therapist along with a personal trainer certification on the side. I LOVE fitness so much! I am willing to make it fun and just right for you. I am also working on getting my ACE Group Fitness Certification to instruct at other studios and other formats. If you know me, you know, but I absolutely LOVE kickboxing because it is a great way to have fun, learn new skills, and meet new friends! Don’t be shy! Take a study break with me just for 30 mins on Wednesday’s at 7:15pm-7:45pm. I would love to meet you!! Let’s have some FUN!

Fun facts about me:

  • I love to walk on the beach at night while looking at the stars and the moon.
  • I’m a Duke fan
  • I have a twin brother (ps: I’m 5 mins older)

Favorite Quote: “I will keep smiling, be positive, and NEVER GIVE UP!” -unknown

Classes: Core & Cardio


Hello! My name is Rachel and I am a Sophomore here at Campbell studying Healthcare Management. My passion for a healthy lifestyle and mindset has created a love for exercise in my life. I have danced, ran, swam, and played soccer competitively throughout my life. I first joined a cycling class here at Campbell and fell in love with it! I am a lover of all things Christmas, peanut butter, and nature. I hope to see you all in class! 

Favorite Quote: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” 

Classes: Cycling


Hi! My name is Rebecca Robison and I am a Criminal Justice/Pre-Law major here at Campbell! I am teaching cycling classes this semester. A little bit about me: I am from Greensboro, NC and I have been competitively racing bikes ever since I was little. So saying I like bikes is an understatement. I am super outgoing, love anything chocolate, and am kind of obsessed with pugs. I hope to share my love for bikes with y’all, while having some fun and getting in a great workout. My class focus will be improving our endurance and making cardio a little more exciting through fun drills and great music. So come start your Thursday mornings or take a lunch break on Tuesdays with me! Can’t wait to CU there!!!

Favorite Quote: “Do what you love and love what you do.”

Classes: Cycling


Hi Camels! I’m Sarah Kilian, a senior at Campbell majoring in Exercise and Sports Science in hopes of becoming a Physical Therapist!  I instruct Zumba, STRONG by Zumba, and PiYo. My fitness career began when I tried my very first Zumba class my freshman year at CU. I absolutely fell in love with it being as I was a dancer for 4 years and a cheerleader for 6, so staying in shape was and still is something super important to me. I have been instructing Zumba for 2 years, STRONG for 1, and will be teaching PiYo starting fresh this summer and in the fall! If I’m not in class, you can usually find me somewhere running around Carter Gym. I enjoy Disney World, any animal, and just being happy! My classes always involve lots of smiles, energy and excitement! I can’t wait to “CU”! 

Favorite Quote: “A failure is not always a mistake. It may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying.” -B. F. Skinner

Classes: Zumba, PiYo,  Strong


Favorite Quote:

Classes: Hip-Hop Fitness


Hey guys! My name is Taylor. I graduated as a Camel from Campbell University in 2016 with a bachelors degree and majored in kinesiology. I am currently a student in Campbell’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Movement is so important when it comes to maintaining a healthy mind-body balance, and I firmly believe that self improvement occurs largely through exercise and challenge. My yoga training is through YogaFit, which is designed to be both inclusive and versatile. What you can expect from me as an instructor is to start and end the class with some grounding and relaxation and fill the middle with both challenge and peace. We come to our mats to center ourselves and grow as human beings, and I certainly cannot wait to do that with you!

Favorite Quote: “Try not to become a person of success, but rather a person of value.” – Father Robert

Classes: Yoga Sundays


Hi there! I’m Tori, and I can’t wait to meet you. I am currently a rising junior and marketing major at Campbell. My love for fitness and holistic wellbeing began my freshmen year when I first stepped into Chelsy’s Power Pilates class (kicked my butt + fueled my spirit). I recently received my Practical Pilates certification through AFAA, and I am beyond excited to expand my knowledge and grow as an instructor this semester. Some of my favorite things include mint tea, being outside, connecting with people, and just loving life! Can’t wait to see your smiling faces. Also choosing ONE favorite quote was an actual struggle.

Favorite Quote: “Be patient with yourself.” 

Classes: Pilates