Fitness Center Rules & Regulations

Student Union Fitness Center

May Hours: 

Spring hours will end on May 28th at 6pm. The Fitness Center will be closed until Monday, May 3rd. Beginning Monday, May 3rd, through the month of May:

  • Monday- Friday
    • 7:30am-9am
    • 11am-2pm
    • 4pm-6:30pm
  • Closed Saturday-Sunday
  • Closed Monday, May 31st for Memorial Day
  • June/July/August hours are TBD 

Carter Gym

Summer Hours: 

Closed beginning Wednesday, April 28th at 6pm through the summer. 

Communication regarding future hours of operation and programming will be provided on our social media platforms. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date and sign-up for our newsletter

The Fitness Center Rules and Regulations are as follows:

  1. Only Campbell University Students or Faculty/ Staff are permitted to use Campus Recreation Facilities. A current Campbell University ID is required upon entering facility.
    1. Exception: Any spouse accompanied by Campbell University Faulty/Staff is permitted. Spouses’ driver’s license should be kept at the desk until patron checks out.
    2. You are allowed ONE pass to forget your ID. Afterwards, you will be denied access. You will still be asked to verify your information.
    3. Community Memberships (see our website for up to date information)
  2. Personal items, including any type of bags, jackets, and purses should be stored in a locker while working out.  Keys for lockers are available at the desk for check out. Do not leave your belongings in the locker overnight. All lockers will be checked and cleaned out at the discretion of Campus Recreation.
  3. To ensure better hygiene and a welcoming environment, proper attire must be worn at all times in the Fitness Center. This includes:
    1. Clothing that fully covers the torso and mid-section (sports bras should be worn underneath shirts)
    2. Appropriate gym footwear such as athletic shoes must be worn at all times (no sandals, high heels, work boots, flip flops, bare feet, etc.)
    3. No jeans, cargo pants, dress suits, or cut-off shorts are allowed
    4. Non-marking court shoes (tennis shoes) are required in Carter Gym.
  4. No open beverage containers, food, gum, or tobacco products allowed. Sealed top water bottles are allowed.
  5. Talking on a cell phone is strictly prohibited in the facility. Please be respectful of other people.
  6. Exiting (or allowing entrance) through the emergency doors, without cause, may result in expulsion from the facility.
  7. Do not prop exterior doors open without proper approval from a Campus Recreation staff member.
  8. All non-Campus Recreation sponsored activities must have prior approval from the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation to be admitted inside the facility.
  9. Profanity, excessive loud and suggestive language, and sexual harassment are prohibited. Campbell University is committed to providing a working and learning environment that is free from sexual harassment and it is the policy of this University that sexual harassment in any form will not be tolerated.
  10. Please be courteous to others in the facility at all times. Be mindful of time using courts, or specific machines.
  11. Report any injury immediately a Campus Recreation staff member.  
  12. Report any equipment problem immediately to a Campus Recreation staff member.
  13. Clean machines after each use by using provided sanitary wipes located throughout building.
  14. Ask a Campus Recreation staff member  for assistance or demonstrations in machine usage.
  15. No outside personal training is permitted in the fitness center or on Campus Recreation property.
  16. Campus Recreation is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items. Any lost and found items will be given to Campus Safety at the end of each night. If identifying information is observable and apparent on item, we will attempt to contact the owner, but we are not responsible for the item.
  17.  Safety clips are mandatory while on treadmills as well as safety belt while on Jacob’s Ladder.
  18.  When fitness center  is crowded, please limit your time on the cardiovascular machines to 30 minutes and limit your time on weight machines to 20 minutes.
  19.  Collars are mandatory in free weight area.
  20. Please do not tamper with machines or items in the facility beyond their regular usage without permission from Campus Rec.  
  1. Please do not monopolize more than one piece of equipment/barbell/set of dumbbells.
  2. Slamming, dropping or bouncing weights (machines or free weights) is prohibited.
  3. Power lifting is allowed, as long as weights are controlled on the decent. Avoid uncontrolled lifts, and use of a spotter is recommended.
  4. Olympic lifting is discretionarily allowed, if maintaining awareness of surroundings, and drops are controlled. Please use the weight platforms for Olympic lifts. Only attempt lifts you are familiar with or have experience with, without proper instruction and supervision.
  5. Return all plates, bars, dumbbells, and accessories to appropriate places after use.
  6. Do not remove any equipment from facility including free weights, plates, stability/medicine balls or cable accessories.
  7. Weight gloves and wrist straps are allowed. The use of chalk is allowed, discretionally, precluding use is minor, and any evidence of usage is cleaned up after use. We are also not responsible for providing chalk.
  8. Be considerate to others – do not sit and socialize on equipment.
  9. Policy violations will be reviewed by facility staff. Appropriate disciplinary actions, including verbal warning, removal from fitness center or weight room, restricted use of facilities, and loss of membership privileges, will be administered accordingly.
  10. In the event of an emergency please call: 910-893-1911 or 1911 from an on campus phone.

SPRING 2021 Specific Policies *due to COVID-19*

  • Entering facility
    • Must have made reservation for time slot (IM Leagues mobile app)
    • Can enter at any point during reservation time
    • Must enter through front entrance of floor reserved
    • Instructed to wash hands immediately before entering (second floor) or immediately upon entering (first floor) the facility or use hand sanitizer immediately upon entering.
  • Masks
    • Must be worn while entering and walking around facility
    • CANNOT be removed while on machine or working out
    • Must be worn at all times by Campus Recreation staff
  • General Facility Use
    • Please thoroughly wipe down any areas you touched and sweat on after use
    • Please be respectful of others and maintain at least 6- feet (or more) distance while working out. If you notice someone is waiting for equipment that you are using or near where you are using, communicate how much longer you need it for, and try and limit your time to be fair to everyone.
    • Reservations are restricted to 1 reservation per area, per day. (Max 3 if reserved first floor, second floor, and group fitness class)
    • Once you are in the facility, you may only remain on the floor/area that you reserved
    • Some areas will be off limits during this time, such as the shower and shower usage. Stairs will be for employee use only, please only use designated entrances and exits per floor. Please be mindful of signs.
  • Exiting Facility
    • Must use dedicated exits on each floor
    • Return any cleaning supplies used
    • Return any used towels to the dirty towel drop off
  • Facility Privileges
    • Failure to abide by any of the above rules or procedures, or failure to listen to a Campus Rec staff member,  will result in loss of privilege to use facilities  
    • No Community Memberships or Guests will be allowed during this time