User Privacy

Private Machines Connected To The University Network

Electronic mail and other information passing over the University network, including information stored in user accounts and computers, are considered to be private and confidential. Although this type of information must be accessed by system personnel for the purpose of backups, network management, etc., the content of user files and network transmissions will not be viewed, monitored, or altered without the express permission of the user except in the following circumstances:

  1. The University has reason to believe that an account or system has been breached and is being used by someone other than the authorized user.
  2. The University has received a complaint that an account or system is being used to gain unauthorized access or to attempt to gain unauthorized access to another network site.
  3. The University has reason to believe than an account or system is being used in violation of University policy, Federal or State Law.

Under these circumstances the Vice President for Business may authorize system support personnel to monitor the activities of a specified account or computer system and to search electronic information stored in that account. The authority for this search must be requested on an account-by-account basis and monitoring will be restricted to the specified account. If this search provides evidence of violation the account will be disabled and action taken with appropriate authorities.

It will become increasingly possible for computer systems owned by students, staff, or faculty to be attached directly to the CAMPBELL Network via on-campus attachment or remote services. Of course, the owner of a personal machine may use that machine at his or her discretion, however, the use of the University network is subject to all of the policies stated in this document.

  1. The owner of a machine connected to the CAMPBELL network is responsible for the behavior of all USERS of that machine and for all network traffic to and from the machine. CAMPBELL maintains no responsibility or liability for loss of data or hardware corruption on personal computer systems.
  2. A private machine connected to the University network may not be used to provide network access to individuals who would not otherwise have access through official CAMPBELL channels. The private machine may not be used to redirect data to other networks, nor may it serve in any way as an electronic gateway to non-University affiliated systems.
  3. Private machines may not use the University network for commercial gain or profit.
  4. Private machines may be used to support anonymous ftp, http, or gopher services when these services fall within the definition of scholarly use. Unless otherwise approved, in writing, provisions for interactive login services for non-University affiliated USERS is prohibited.
  5. Should the University have reason to believe that a privately owned system is using the network inappropriately, network traffic to and from that system will be monitored and, if justified, the system will be disconnected and appropriate punitive action will be taken.
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