Academic Computing

Part of Information Technology Services, Academic Computing offers a variety of resources for effectively integrating technology into teaching.

Academic Computing support is not only about technology, but about employing a sound pedagogical strategy that is enhanced by that technology.



Academic Computing is focused on the implementation of instructional technology. In collaboration with faculty and staff, Academic Computing works to enhance student learning by encouraging the use of applicable technology in education, serving as a resource for information regarding new directions in the use of technology in teaching, and providing instructors the opportunity for professional development.

Academic Computing Goals

  • Support university teaching and learning through the provision of instructional and information technologies and related services.
  • Provide support for current initiatives and articulate new directions, particularly those which enrich the campus through the integration of technology into its core programs.
  • Assist Campbell faculty with the integration of technology into innovative course curricula.
  • Promote the use of appropriate technology in traditional, hybrid, and online courses for all areas of study.