Student Printing and Copying

Students are able to print to any of the Papercut-enabled printers in the Wiggins Library, Levine Hall, Smith Hall, Maddox Hall, and others as they are added.

Printing and Copying Charges

  • Black and White = 5¢ per page
  • Color = 15¢ per page

Print using your device

  1. Connect to CUWireless on your PC, Mac, iOS, Chromebook or Android Device
  2. Visit the following URL to download and install the Driver or App for your device. You may need to enter your Campbell username and password.
  3. When you are ready to print, choose the PrintAnywhere printer that was installed on your device.
  4. Go to any PrintAnywhere printer and swipe with your Campbell Card or log in using your network account. Then release your print job.
  5. LOG OUT by tapping your name and choosing “Log Out”

Print from a Lab or Library computer

  1. When printing choose the PrintAnywhere [PaperCut](Mobility) printer
  2. When prompted, enter your Campbell network account and password
  3. Swipe your card at any PrintAnywhere enabled printer and retrieve and print your job.
  4. LOG OUT by tapping your name and choosing “Log Out”

Print from a Flash Drive

To print from a flash drive, the drive must be formatted as FAT32. Only the following file types may be printed from a flash drive: PDF, JPG, or PNG

  1. Swipe your ID card at the printer to gain access to the printer’s control panel
  2. Insert your flash drive (the USB port is located to the left of the control panel.
  3. If the USB Drive Detected window is displayed, choose Print From USB, If not, Choose the Print From option on the control panel, choose Add Document, then choose USB.
  4. Select your document from the list and choose OK to print.
  5. LOG OUT by tapping your name and choosing “Log Out”