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Internship Checklist

This checklist allows you to keep track of the necessary areas of continuous engagement needed when applying for, interacting with, and successfully completing an internship.

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10 Benefits of Having an Internship

  1. Gain industry experience
  2. Administrative, leadership, project opportunities!
  3. Test out your career path
  4. Consider your goals, interests and financial needs.
  5. Develop and refine your skill set
  6. Apply and practice skill on site for clear career expectations.
  7. Expand your professional network
  8. Interoffice collaboration, personal mentoring, and more!
  9. Secure a job!
  10. Internships can act an extended job interview!

Required Internships

It is recommended that ALL students complete an internship during the summer of their junior year, but the following majors require an internship for graduation:

  • Biology, Teacher Licensure
  • Clinical Research
  • Communication Studies, Communication Training and Development
  • Communication Studies, Health Communication
  • Criminal Justice Administration
  • Criminal Justice Administration, Homeland Security Concentration
  • Criminal Justice Administration, Law Enforcement Track
  • Criminal Justice Administration, Pre-Law
  • Cybersecurity
  • Elementary Education (K-6)
  • English, Professional Writing Concentration
  • English, Teacher Licensure
  • Graphic Design
  • Health and Physical Education, Teacher Licensure Concentration
  • History, Teacher Licensure
  • Homeland Security
  • Mathematics, Teacher Licensure
  • Middle Grades (6-9), all concentrations
  • Music, Music Educations Track
  • Music, Worship Ministry
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Political Science, Public Administration/Public Policy Concentration
  • Social Science in History with Teacher Licensure
  • Social Science in Political Science with Teacher Licensure
  • Spanish, Teacher Licensure
  • Special Education, K-12 Licensure
  • Sport Management
  • Sport Management, Sport Communication Concentration
  • Studio Art
  • Studio Art, Teacher Licensure
  • Theatre Arts, Theatre Management Concentration
  • Theatre, Teacher Licensure

Internship Reminders

Keep these in mind to ensure you have identified each area of your internship that will allow you to be the most successful!

  • Is your internship required for course credit/graduation?
  • Do you want your internship to be for course credit?
  • Remember to use University contacts like alumni to assist with networking connections!
  • Is your internship site willing to pay you?
  • Ask about opportunities for future collaboration with the employer- this expands your network and could lead to a full-time position!
  • Remember to challenge yourself!


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