Internship Resources

An internship is required for graduation and should be completed the summer leading into your last year at Campbell. 

How to Land an Internship

  1. Search for internship postings via LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc. so you have a good idea of available opportunities.
  2. Discuss the opportunities you found with your academic and/or faculty advisor, especially if you are considering to gain academic credit for your internship.
  3. Prepare your resume, cover letter, and list of references.
    1. Career Services provides a template for resumes and cover letters
  4. Apply for the internship(s)!
  5. Prepare for your interview.
  6. Ace your interview and get hired!

Internship Search Sites

Organization Link
Indeed: employment website for job listings
Glassdoor: job search and anonymous employee reviews
USA Jobs: civil service opportunities with federal agencies

Internship Checklist

This checklist allows you to keep track of the necessary areas of continuous engagement needed when applying for, interacting with, and successfully completing an internship.

Download Checklist


10 Benefits of Having an Internship

  1. Gain industry experience
  2. Administrative, leadership, project opportunities!
  3. Test out your career path
  4. Consider your goals, interests and financial needs.
  5. Develop and refine your skill set
  6. Apply and practice skill on site for clear career expectations.
  7. Expand your professional network
  8. Interoffice collaboration, personal mentoring, and more!
  9. Secure a job!
  10. Internships can act an extended job interview.