Become A Peer Mentor

Campbell University Peer Mentors are student leaders selected to assist first-year students in their transition to the University.

The Peer Mentor plays an important role in the Freshman Seminar course by serving as a:

  • Co-instructor: Peer Mentors serve as co-instructors by assisting with planning and facilitating the CUFS 100 course.
  • A role model: Peer Mentors will also strive to build community with the students in their class outside of class hours by hosting study table, community lunches/dinners, promoting Campbell activities, and one on one relationships.
  • A mentor to first-year students.

The Peer Mentor position provides Campbell students with an opportunity to serve the community, to develop leadership skills, to meet other passionate student leaders, and assist the newest members of our community with their transition to Campbell University.


  1. Peer Mentors are required to attend weekly CUFS 100 classes (note: Peer Mentors do not receive course credit for CUFS 100 but must have room available in their schedule to attend all class sessions.) 
  2. Peer Mentors are required to attend a weekly leadership development class that compliments and runs parallel to their experience in the classroom.
  3. Assist the First-Year Experience staff and represent the University at various functions, to include (but not limited to): Visitation Days, First-Year Forums, Sexual Assault Awareness Week (SAAW), New Student Open Houses, Convocation & Medallion Ceremony, The TARTAN, Camel 101, Move-In Day, etc..
  4. Meet with the instructor outside of class regularly to assist the instructor with syllabus planning for course content and class logistics
  5. Maintain confidentiality of students and maintain appropriate relationships
  6. Adhere to the Student Honor Code and exemplify the ideas presented in the Campbell University Mission Statement
  7. Help new students adjust to life at Campbell and become academically and personally oriented to the University
  8. Mentor first-year students in the context of academic, co-curricular, and leadership involvement
  9. Identify personal leadership styles and strengths in self and others
  10. Establish positive relationships with students, staff and faculty


  1. Must be an undergraduate student enrolled at Campbell University Main Campus
  2. Maintain a 3.0 GPA
  3.  Must attend all training
  4. Must be available M 10:00am – 10:50am for weekly Peer Mentor prep meetings
  5. Be available for your assigned weekly class.
  6. Spend at least 5-hours a week in support of the Freshman Seminar program
  7. Must have a demonstrated desire to be a servant leader and support your peers and our community
  8. Must have pride in being a Campbell Camel
  9. Must be in good standing with the office of Student Conduct


This is a multiphase process designed to evaluate your ability to express yourself in writing and in person while also observing your interaction with your peers in a large group setting. The phases generally include:

  1. Complete the Peer Mentor Application (Application will open in January. Watch your email/social media for announcements.)