Freshman Seminar

student in lecture

The Campbell University Freshman Seminar (CUFS 100) is a one-credit course designed to assist incoming freshman students in developing behaviors and knowledge-based skills which allow them to be successful and make positive contributions to the university and wider community. The seminar is structured around two major goals and four learning outcomes. All course content, assignments, and activities are designed with the intention of achieving one or more of the course outcomes:

Goal 1: Students will understand and apply behaviors important to collegiate success.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

1.1    identify their motivations for success in college.
1.2   demonstrate effective engagement with others in the university community.

Goal 2: Students will understand and apply knowledge-based skills important to collegiate success.

Learning Outcomes:

Students will:

2.1   demonstrate improved ability to communicate through writing.
2.2   locate relevant information using technology and library resources.*

*Supports Campbell University’s General Education Competencies