Weather Policy

Weather Alerts

If inclement weather results in changes to class schedules or residential or dining option changes, a message will be posted via the website at, Facebook, Twitter, and through our inclement weather line.

The numbers which persons may call for the announcement are:

  • On campus: Ext. 5700
  • Local (but not on campus): 1-910-814-5700
  • Long distance: 1-800-760-8980, then dial 5700

Campus Safety Main Numbers (for non-emergencies)

Students living off campus who are concerned for their safety during a storm may request information about on-campus safe locations by calling Campus Safety.

  • On-Campus: Ext. 1375
  • Off Campus: (910) 893-1375
  • TDD (hearing impaired): (910) 893-1912

Check the weather in Buies Creek Accuweather

Other Weather Alert Options

Inclement Weather Policy

Because a substantial number of students live on campus, the University policy is to remain in operation during periods of inclement weather. If such extreme and emergency situations occur so as to compromise that practice, the University will work through those situations as they develop. With safety as the primary concern, the administration will make every effort to be reasonable and responsible in its decisions. The University also recognizes that flexibility is required in extreme circumstances and, thus, all persons are encouraged to use maturity, good judgment, and professionalism in dealing with adverse weather conditions.

Multiple methods of communication help ensure timely delivery of information at all levels, so telephone, voice-mail, and e-mail should be utilized to the appropriate extent. Broad communication from the University is carried forth per the manner below outlined.

Buies Creek Campus

When a decision has been made that adverse weather conditions will affect classes at the Campbell University Buies Creek Campus, the University’s Office of Communications and Marketing uses the following system to get the information to the public:

  1. The announcement will be posted on the University Web Site ( and the “CU Notify” network.
  2. The announcement will be posted through social media on the University’s Facebook and Twitter pages.
  3. A message is posted on a dedicated telephone line whereby anyone can call in and get the message. The numbers which employees may call, for the announcements are: on campus dial 5700; local, but not on campus, dial 910-814-5700; long distance, 1-800-760-8980.
  4. Television stations will be contacted: WTVD-Durham Channel 11, WRAL-Raleigh Channel 5, WNCN Raleigh Channel 17, Time Warner Cable Raleigh.

Adult & Online Campuses

Announcements will be made through the Office of Adult and Online Education. The above will apply for adverse weather which affects classes at Fort Liberty and the Raleigh Center, but will be personalized for them. In addition, media in the Camp LeJeune-Jacksonville area will be notified in regard to adverse conditions forcing alterations of classes in that area.

Student Clinical or Internship Activities

The university reserves the right to restrict student clinical or internship activities during inclement weather to maintain student safety.  All students on clinical rotations/internships are encouraged to discuss a plan of action with their site preceptor or supervisor which shall comply with the following procedures:

  1. All Campbell University students on clinical rotations/internships should follow clinic/hospital/company policies and procedures for their specific site during inclement weather. However, student safety must remain a priority. If students feel that there are extenuating circumstances related to their safe commute, or if they feel unsafe in any capacity, they are to contact their clinical coordinator/director/internship coordinator at the University as soon as possible. A determination will be made, on a case-by-case basis, as to whether the student should proceed or remain at the clinical or internship site.
  2. If an evacuation order is issued, students should evacuate immediately even if their clinical instructor/preceptor/supervisor stays on site. Students are not to be considered emergency or essential personnel and must be released under these circumstances.


The University may permit employees to have time off without pay at the University’s discretion if he/she is unable to report to work due to inclement weather, so long as the employee notifies his/her supervisor within 2 hours of the start of that employee’s work schedule. Non-exempt employees may charge time off for inclement weather to any unused accrued vacation days.