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It is our hope that the doors of this Chapel open wide with welcome. For those who enter the Chapel, they cross a threshold into a space we hope feels like home. We hope it is a place where you can belong; a place where you are known and loved; a place where you can learn and grow, and a place to prepare to be who God has called you to be in order to do what God has called you to do. We hope Butler Chapel is a place where you are reminded you are most fully known in Jesus Christ.


About Butler Chapel 

Throughout much of its rich history, Campbell University did not have a physical sacred space on campus for worship. The community gathered in local churches and buildings on campus for 122 years until the generosity and vision of the Butler family paved the way for Butler Chapel’s construction.

The Robert B. and Anna Gardner Butler Chapel was dedicated in 2009 and now stands as a tangible representation of the hope of God and the Christian mission of Campbell University. The Chapel is a testimony to Campbell’s commitment to engage in faith together as a community.

It is where students, faculty, staff and friends of Campbell gather to worship, pray, remember, and learn. In the book of 1 Kings, Solomon dedicates a temple to the Lord. He asks that the Holy Spirit would fill the temple, and that the prayers prayed within it would be heard and answered. It is our hope that all who enter Butler Chapel feel a sense of welcome and belonging as they learn, grow and explore the truth that all are most fully known and loved in Jesus Christ.

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For more information on Butler Chapel, please send an email to chapel@campbell.edu.



Weddings are an important part of the life of Butler Chapel. Since opening its doors, members of the Campbell community have chosen the beloved space of the Chapel for their ceremony. 

If you would like more information about weddings in Butler Chapel please contact chapel@campbell.edu

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Experience Butler Chapel

Hours: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. 

Butler Chapel is a living testimony to Campbell’s commitment to engage faith and inquiry in community. It is where we gather to worship, to pray, to remember, and to bear witness to our faith as a community. The chapel is a living, breathing building and should be experienced by everyone. 

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