Spiritual Formation

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Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Life takes the lead in the spiritual formation of students, but this is shared work with others across the university.

We believe that faith formation is vital to the college experience and are committed to engaging both the heart and mind as we seek to make space for students to explore their faith in a community that will welcome and challenge them.

Christian Higher Education

Campbell is a place of Christian higher education and we embrace the belief that there are no conflicts between the life of faith and the life of inquiry–this means it is natural to have conversations about faith alongside academic course work. It is not a requirement but an opportunity. Campbell is a place where God’s presence can be openly and gratefully acknowledged and where students can be encouraged to embrace a life-changing faith. This also means we provide space for those who believe and think differently the freedom to do so in a setting that celebrates the value of faith formation.

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Faith and Vocation

Campbell University affirms that all people are called by God to lead with purpose, but that doesn’t look the same for every person. The world is a more exciting and beautiful place when each person lives an authentic life of joy and service. The work of vocational discernment goes beyond just picking the right major or landing the perfect job. It is about discovering who you are, who God is, and who God is calling you to be.

The Office of Spiritual Life walks alongside each member of our community – students, faculty, and staff – as they explore their true vocations. Through interdisciplinary cohorts, leadership incubators, and mentoring programs, we discover how God is calling doctors, teachers, businesspeople, engineers, and everyone in between to leadership that transforms communities.


Connections is a spiritual formation class all students take during their time at Campbell. Students take Connections 100 in the spring of their first year and Connections 200 in the fall of their second year. This course is held in Butler Chapel and reflects the Christian mission and purpose of Campbell University by offering experiences that nurture the spiritual life of students from a Christian perspective and help to build a strong sense of community.

Programs do not attempt to coerce students to worship or embrace a particular set of beliefs or value system. It is one of the longest standing traditions at Campbell University as we maintain our rich Christian heritage. Connections educates, challenges, and prepares students to act responsibly in this world. The gathering provides an opportunity for the community to engage in worship and programming that inspires, challenges, enriches, and transforms.

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All pilgrimage requires risk, trust, walking and companionship. Join the Office of Spiritual Life as we walk alongside friends and strangers and participate in the ancient practice of Pilgrimage. Along the way, you will learn a new appreciation for ways of thinking and believing that are different from your own as you cultivate a greater awareness of Christianity and the history of spiritual practices in different areas of the world.

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