Courageous Conversations

spiritual life and the campus community

Courageous Conversations

Creating brave space one conversation at a time

Creating brave space for courageous conversations to take place is part of Spiritual Life’s commitment to be with students as they explore their faith in a community that will welcome and challenge them.

Commitments for Conversation

A courageous conversation is any conversation or encounter in which we can listen generously, speak truthfully, and be willing to learn.

In this community, we celebrate all people are created in the image of God and as such are valued, cherished, and treated with dignity. As we sit with one another, we are invited to hold this truth and see ourselves and each other in this way.

This truth allows us to bear witness to each other’s stories with an awareness that our diverse perspectives and backgrounds matter. This truth also calls us to engage with each other from a place of humility, grace, and compassion.

In a courageous conversation, it is important to make sure that all participants feel seen and heard to the extent that they wish to engage in conversation. Commitments for Conversation allow all participants to come as equals to the conversation.

Be here and nowhere else. Listen well and presume you are welcome here. Make room for another’s soul to “show up.”

Find the courage to tell your story and recognize the same courage in others as they speak.

Honor what you feel and pay attention to what others might be feeling.

Engage with a posture of humility, grace, and compassion recognizing that when this conversation ends there might be more to come.

President’s Courageous Conversation Series

This monthly series brings together the Campbell community for conversations around vital topics that matter, and reflect Campbell’s commitment to graduate students with exemplary academic and professional skills who are prepared for purposeful lives and meaningful service.  

Conversations range from explorations of leadership in underserved communities to important topics in Christian higher education and the global community.  

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