All residence hall and apartment rooms include the following furnishings for each student:

  • Closet or Wardrobe
  • Desk and Chair
  • Single bed – 80″ mattresses (XL Twin)

Furnishing Policies

  • Residence hall furnishings will not be removed from the rooms.
  • Due to safety considerations, the University policy does not permit residents to construct their bed lofts or bunks for use in the residence hall rooms.
  • In the interest of safety and fire regulations, students are not permitted to have furniture that is fully upholstered or overstuffed such as couches, loveseats, or chairs.
  • Students must remove all personal furnishings at the end of the academic year. Any personal furniture left in the room will be discarded, and a charge will be made to the student’s account for the removal of the items.
  • Window screens are not to be removed; passageways are not to be obstructed; and improper use or removal of furniture or fixtures is not permitted. The placing of unneeded or unwanted furniture in hallways or on balconies is a fire hazard and not permitted.

Bed Style Information

On move in day all beds will be in a raised position.  This is the most popular option and is requested by most students.  There is space to store drawers, containers or a 3.5 cubic feet refrigerator.  Ten days after classes have began in the semester  a work order request can be submitted for the bed to be lowered.  Students may not bring personal lofts.  

RAISED BED: The raised bed sits approximately 30” off of the floor.

LOWERED BED: The lofted bed sits approximately 15” off of the floor.