Intramural Student Supervisors

For job openings and questions contact us at or (910) 893-1367. 

Kelli Autry

Year: Senior

Major: Double Major in Business Administration and Health Care Management

About Me: Although I was not someone who started playing sports at a young age, I began playing volleyball in middle school and fell in love with it.  I played year round for about 6 years, as well as experienced being a referee for the sport.  This experience is what initially drew me to Campus Recreation.  I love getting to meet new people and learning more about other sports.  When I am not working, you can usually find me studying or hanging out with friends at Starbucks!

Garrett Moore

Year: Senior

Major: Homeland Security

About Me: I have always enjoyed playing sports since I was young. I started playing soccer when I was living in Belgium and continued to play when I moved back to America. I also started playing golf at a very young age. I now serve as the Club Golf President here at Campbell and am always down to go play with anyone. I am also on the club soccer team here but I love playing all kinds of intramural sports. That’s what’s so great about Campus Recreation, it gives you the opportunity to try sports you never got to play in High School or any other time. I am a huge Redskins, UVA, Blackhawks, and Manchester United fan.

Aaron Smith

Year: Senior

Major: Business Administration

About Me: I am an outgoing guy who loves to compete. From Uno to Volleyball, my only objective is to win. I am the middle of three brothers who are just as competitive as me. Campus Recreation was introduced to me through a friend and it has been the best thing I’ve done on campus. I love being able to work with people who play solely for the fun of the game.

Fun Fact: “You won’t beat me in a 3 point shootout”

Brooklyn Kuhn

Year: Sophomore

Major: Kinesiology Pre-PA

About Me: I have played sports my whole life and I love the way they bring people together. I played volleyball for 6 years and gained reffing experience through tournaments. I now play for Campbell’s club volleyball team. Campus recreation has given me the opportunity to do something I enjoy and meet people along the way. 

Alec Dement

Year: Senior

Major: Criminal Justice 

About Me: I have always been very active from a young age. I started playing baseball when I turned 5 years old. I grew up playing baseball and football all through school and even wrestled. Campbell has opened my eyes to new sports I wouldn’t have normally played. Since being at Campbell I have joined the club ultimate frisbee team and played in almost every intramural sports league Campbell offers. Campus Rec has allowed me to meet many new people and make lasting friendships. I am a die-hard Duke fan and will cheer them on in all sports! I also am a fan of Las Vegas Raiders, Washington Nationals, and Lakers!  

Zachary Winston

Year: Junior 

Major: Business Administration,

Minor: Christian Studies

About Me: I have grown up playing sports from a young age. I played basketball and baseball a lot, and I played golf just for fun. I played baseball for my school in middle school. Then played varsity golf for 4 years. I now play for Campbell’s club golf team and love to do that. If I’m not reffing some kind of sport for campus recreation, I’m either at Starbucks, or I’m in the SGA office where I serve as junior class president! 

Bailee Nardi

Year: Junior

Major: Kinesiology Pre-PA

About Me: Sports have always been a huge part of my life, ever since I can remember. I didn’t start getting serious about it until high school but soon learned the strong love that I have for them has no limit. In high school I played volleyball, basketball, and track ending my high school career with an all-state award in volleyball and top 20 in the Connecticut Women’s Heptathlon. In college, I continued my volleyball career by playing club and now have the privilege to be named a captain. Being apart of Campus Intramurals is one of the best jobs I could ask for as it surrounds me with people who have the same sports-affiliated passion as myself. I know the friends I have made here will last a lifetime!