Residence Life Update

Updated Friday, April 24, 2020

No-Contact Express Check-Out

All Campus Move-Out Spring 2020: Friday, May 1 – Sunday, May 31

As a result of Governor Roy Cooper’s April 23, 2020 press briefing announcing the extension of North Carolina’s stay-at-home order through May 8, Campbell University Residence Life & Housing has made revisions to its Spring 2020 Move-Out Plan.  Please thoroughly review the following information.  

No-Contact Express Check-Out Steps

An express check out envelope will be taped to the resident’s door. 

  1. Student enters their space and removes belongings
  2. Place keys in the express check out envelope 
  3. Sign the envelope 
  4. Leave envelope on the desk
  5. Exit the space and leave campus.

As with the current North Carolina stay-at-home directive, relocation activities continue to be permitted. We urge all students and families to make decisions that are best for their safety and health.  

If you are not able to return to campus, please call the Residence Life & Housing Office (910-893-1546) and we can work with you to explore alternative options.

For safety, students will not physically check out with a community assistant, resident director, or professional staff member. 

During the No-Contact Express Check-Out period, students will still need to sign up for a move out time to indicate the day and time they plan to move out.  This will let staff know when to activate your ID card for access to your hall and room.  Your ID card will not work or give you access unless you sign up for a move out time. If you show up without signing up for a move out time, improper check out fees and fines will apply.  

Each resident director will send out an email explaining how to sign up for or confirm the previously made check out time. They will also explain specifics about how each building will flow during the month of May as many health and safety precautions and measures enacted. 

Health & Safety Precautions

As many return to campus to pick up belongings in the coming weeks, we urge all students and families to follow appropriate public health guidance, to protect the health and safety of university employees and others who are moving out. 

  • Do not travel to campus if you are feeling ill.
  • Practice physical/social distancing and do not plan to reunite with friends, host gatherings or remain on campus longer than necessary. (State and local orders currently prohibit all public or private gatherings of more than 10 people and are being actively enforced.)
  • Wear a mask, gloves, and practice good hygiene, including frequent hand washing or the use of hand sanitizer.
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces, door handles, etc. when moving out.
  • Roommates should coordinate their move-out so that proper physical distancing measures can be observed.
  • A limited amount of people (2) can enter with any (1) student. One student can bring two people to help them move.
  • No children (birth – 12 years old) or senior citizens (65 – 100 years old) will be allowed in the buildings. Children and senior citizens are not allowed to help students move and should not be present or in the buildings at any time.
  • Main hallways and staircases of the building will be one way to reduce people coming in close proximity to one another. Arrows in each building will direct the foot traffic flow.
  • To keep you and the environment as safe as possible (per CDC Guidelines), once you have entered your assigned space, you must move quickly to gather your belongings and leave the building.
  • Students, families, and guests are not permitted to stay or spend the night in the halls during the month of May.
  • All essential staff in the office during the month of May will practice social distancing and use caution by using gloves, masks, and disinfectant wipes when able.  

Things to Bring With You to Move Out

  • Room/Apartment Keys
  •  ID Card
  • Age-appropriate helpers
  • Mask
  • Gloves
  • Cleaning supplies or disinfectant wipes
  • Hand truck or cart with wheels


Contact the Office of Residence Life & Housing at 910-893-1546.