Payment Plans

Monthly payment plans allow students an option to resolve their current semester account balance by dividing their balance into equal monthly payments. Each semester, students may elect to enroll in a monthly payment plan option offered by Campbell University through TouchNet.

  • A payment plan MUST be established each semester for any balance not covered by estimated financial aid or paid in full by the first day of class (excluding summer terms).
  • If a payment plan has not been established by September 15/February 15 respectively, the student may be automatically enrolled in a payment plan and assessed a $50 setup fee.
  • Payments are considered late 4 days after the monthly due date and students will be assessed a $25 late fee when payments are late.
  • Students will be assessed a $25 returned check fee when payments are returned/dishonored by the student’s financial institution due to insufficient funds.
  • If the charges or credits on a student’s account are adjusted after the payment plan has been established, the monthly installment will automatically be recalculated to reflect the adjusted balance.
  • Credit card transaction fees do apply.
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Plan Set up Fee

5 installments – Due on the 5th of each month

  • Fall: July – November
  • Spring: December – April
4 Installments – Due on the 5th of each month

  • Fall:  August – November
  • Spring: January – April

2 Installments 

  • Fall: 1/2 by August 5 – Remaining balance by September 30
  • Spring: 1/2 by January 5 – Remaining balance by February 28

Students will log into their self-service portal and go to the TouchNet Payment Center to set up a payment plan each semester.  To grant a parent/guardian access to be able to view the student account or set up a payment plan, students must first add them as an authorized user.  

Student Set up See Payment Plan Options

Parents/guardians must first be added by the student as an authorized user in order to access TouchNet and set up a payment plan.

Parent Set up See Payment Plan Options